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4 Best Keyword Search Engines for SEO

4 Best Keyword Search Engines for SEO

Finding the keywords that our target audience is using to search on Google is easy. I just need a tool or program to help as well. Today, Noria has compiled a selection of the 4 best keyword search programs, which are all programs that our team has used in the past. Which one is good, what are the advantages and disadvantages? Which one is suitable for newbies? Let’s look!

Paid Keyword Program for Pros

Let’s start with some of the best keyword search programs from famous companies in the SEO industry. I can do a lot more. Make it popular for digital companies—marketing agencies.


SEMrush is a very popular tool. And has many uses all over the world. Whether it is an online marketing agency or start-up businesses for keyword search tools, everyone will think of it as the top one. It’s been around for ten years as well, but the real reason is that SEMrush is a really versatile tool.


  • There is a quick analysis of the website to see the overall picture.
  • Help your website see what keywords your competitors are ranking for. So you can analyze the keywords that should pull your rankings.
  • Besides being a keyword search engine. Can also track website rankings To see the keyword development that the website is ranking with.
  • You can compare in-depth keyword ranking data for multiple websites, including Google Search, Google Ads, and Google Shopping.
  • Can view historical keyword ranking history


SEMrush has four paid plans:

  • Pro – Starting at $83 per month
  • Guru – Starting at $166 per month
  • Business – starting at $333 per month
  • Enterprise – A custom plan directly available to SEMrush.

🔷 SEMrush has a free trial version. If you like it, then buy a plan that suits you.


Who is circulating in the digital industry? Marketing will be familiar with a tool with a unique name like Ahrefs (pronounced AHrefs). It has the largest database of all paid tools. Because there are over 5.1 billion keyword data, collect data from 200 countries, trusted by the agency. And especially suitable for content creators.


  • Keyword difficulty scores are very accurate.
  • Besides the monthly search volume (Search Volume), this tool uses unique data collection. To highlight Click Metrics, Ahrefs’ version of the metric, let’s look at our keyword selection considerations.
  • There is a tool called Content Gap that helps analyze your website. Can still do any other content. To compete with competitors’ websites, the cart has features similar to SEMrush because it keeps track of website rankings. Easily create projects It’s called doing many things in one too.
  • The tool has a nice, clean appearance and is very easy to use.


  • We are starting at $99 per month for the Lite plan.

🔷 Ahrefs has a free trial version. If you like it, then buy a plan that suits you.

Moz Keyword Explorer

I know this company to have been in the SEO industry for longer than anyone else. There are cool tools. That has helped marketers working in this field more and more comfortable. And a keyword search engine like Moz Keyword Explorer is one of them.

Note: This tool focuses only on keyword searches. But it doesn’t have the features to help manage or track keywords like the tools mentioned above, like SEMrush and Ahrefs.


  • It presents keyword insights by focusing on the Organic CTR (Organic Click Through Rate) score and the Priority score, which is a combination of data such as CTR, Keyword Difficulty, and Number of Searches per month. (Search Volume) to get the most interesting keyword set out.
  • I can find keywords through the URL of the website, similar to the previous two tools.
  • There is a Keyword Suggestions tool with filtering to make searching for keywords more convenient.
  • 10 free searches in 1 month for free account users


  • We are starting at $99 per month for the Standard plan.

🔷 Moz Keyword Explorer has a trial version. You can try it for free for one full month.


Just like Moz Keyword Explorer, this tool focuses on keyword searches. It doesn’t have a feature to maintain or track and develop Google’s ranking. Of course, compared to the other tools above, KW Finder seems to be a newcomer to the market. Not a seasoned game or who has lived for a long time, but it is a fast-growing company. Because the tools provided are superb.


  • There are options to find Question-based Keyword Research to make it easier to find questions that your audience or target audience is really interested in.
  • Easy to Find Long Tail Keywords:
  • The look of the website is easy to use and not complicated.
  • It can be used for free but a limited number of times
  • Available at an affordable price


  • Basic–$29.90 per month
  • Premium–$39.90 per month
  • Agency–$79.90 per month

🔷 KWFinder has a trial version, and you can try it free for ten days.

What is the optimal number of keywords I should use for SEO?

About five keywords (each with a monthly search volume of 100+) should be enough for most small businesses. Even if it doesn’t seem like much, focusing on five keywords doesn’t mean that your website will only rank for those keywords and get traffic from 5 keywords.

What is the best way to optimize keywords?

To assist you with your keyword research, the following six tips will help:

Analyze your current on-page SEO.
Find keywords for your website.
Keyword mapping.
You should add keywords to your site.
Keyword stuffing should be avoided.
Remember Your Target Audience.

Where can I find free keywords for SEO?

With the free keyword finder tool, you can get keyword ideas including:

AdWords (Google Adwords) keywords – find high-volume, low-competition keywords that your competitors haven’t discovered to use for your Google ads.
Find popular and niche keywords for your website at scale.