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How to Add Backlinks to Your Website

How to Add Backlinks to Your Website

Hello friends, I previously wrote an article on blog optimization for  SEO, in this article I will introduce how to do external SEO by building backlinks. Well, let’s go get to know the backlinks.

The backlink is the number of websites that link to our website, which is another part. An essential component of  SEO, a larger number of backlinks will affect the site’s popularity and traffic. Watch the web that is higher as well. If you compare your friends’ Websites or blogs to a storefront, it would be great, right? Because it represents an opportunity to sell products or if your friends are doing business online. It means opportunity The prospective people to subscribe to us more. Okay, friends probably already know how good the backlink is in doing. Online business 

Now it comes to how to create a simple backlink for free according to my style. I want my friends to try and adapt to see how to create a simple backlink for free according to my style

Exchanging links with different websites Try to find details with this Website

2 Posting in forums Or other free classifieds websites in the details of the article that we will put to post, put Link to our website as well. (Always go update our announcements every day too Will get better results)

Making our own video to send to popular video sites such as youtube, put our website after the video is over, then we upload our video.

4 Creating a blog from multiple Then put a link to our website. Create blogs from different places with melodic content. Similar content May not put too much text After that, add a link to our website.

Take advantage of various social media posts.

Here are 5 easy ways to style my hair. And there are still many ways to wait for your friends to keep doing it more often. Not long ago, a friend’s website or blog. Will go up to page 1 of Search Engine in various places such as Google.