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Changing Web Design Trends in 2021

Changing Web Design Trends in 2021

In every era, website design is constantly changing. From the analysis of user needs, it can be seen that website visitors always want to see new things, and now the new era is approaching, admins have a new trend in 2021.

This article will discuss the types of Website Trends that users want? What changes do we need to make to improve the user experience? What trends will be the past and who will replace them? We’ve put together some web design trends for you to read.

Flexible Vector Graphics

Multimedia is a major factor that makes website users interested and want to stay on our website. Websites with interesting illustrations or pictures tend to be popular. On the other hand, websites with rich content and loading too long. Especially on mobile devices like mobile, it is becoming less popular.

It makes graphics flexible and works well on mobile phones. And important tablets Which the problem before is that when resizing files in GIF, PNG, and JPG (Bitmap) extensions, there will be a loss of picture quality such as saturation, sharpness, good resolution. That should not make us not Pay attention to the size and quality of the picture. Again, it uses an SVG (layout) image file that scales the image to fit the screen while the image quality is still as good as the original. This is a very important trend because every website needs graphics and vectors to create it.

Focus on Information

Information is an important part of website design. Since it is used to communicate with users, designers must consider data structures. And the most appropriate data elements

Weigh the data to highlight a word or make it stand out. This contributes to making the text easier to read, providing clearer comparisons, and making decisions easier. It also helps attract users to stay on our site longer. By highlighting the data, it is possible that an SEO -the enhanced website can be attached to the Google homepage as well so that web designers increase their role in the information design structure.

Asymmetrical Layout (Asymmetrical layout)

For many years we designed websites using the Grid System, a tool that has helped us design border websites. It improves the structure and emphasizes the main elements. On the other hand, Grid Systems also reduces the uniqueness of the website. Thus, an emerging new trend is an asymmetrical design.

Asymmetry is an opportunity to change old designs. It has long been in the framework of having unlimited fun and ideas, but designers have to find a balance in web design because the design is made for the user. Therefore, the designer must take into account the components of the website so as not to be too heavy. Focus on the bigger thing or the selling point, because the first thing people see is always the bigger element.

Soft Shadows and Floating Elements

Another way to grab the user’s attention is to use video as a background, which will provide interesting movement. The most common use of photos on websites is common. But how do you make your photos interesting? The answer is to use soft shadows and create a drifting element. Makes website design more attractive and layered.

By what design can we use this effect?

  • Body
  • Towards
  • Illustration

Buttons for Operation

In other words, shadows and floating effects can be added to any element on a website. But the suitability, beauty, and uniqueness of the website should also be taken into account.

Blend Photos and Graphics

Use of real images mixed with illustrations or graphics. This will help the website look attractive. Excellent from general websites and help you maintain your brand.

Dark Theme

It’s been a long time since this site became a white theme. Previous attempts to use a dark theme were not widely accepted, making the white theme still a popular theme today. But the trend for 2021 will change with the landing page designs of big brands like Apple, Mercedes-Benz, Hublot, and many other popular brands.

Changing the color scheme makes the design very different:

  • Makes design elements more visible
  • Increase the contrast ratio
  • Keeping your eyes in the dark will make the eyes less stressed.
  • Make your website look more luxurious

Apple added a dark theme in iOS 13, which has gotten a lot of feedback from users. Even popular apps like Instagram Whatsapp add dark colors to please their users. This dark theme trend is spreading and becoming more popular in every area. Another advantage of a dark theme is that it helps save energy. Extends screen lifespan. It also allows designers to create creative compositions using fluorescent lighting, one of the design trends in 2021.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly infiltrating our lives, including in the marketing of our websites. AI must continue to collect data to analyze and meet user needs. It gathers information about readers, selects graphics automatically, runs composition tests to impress them that they show the best performance. Every day, users are expected to find what they want to find. Exactly, this is what AI can do well.

Willingness to Use

User access to a website is a very important part of the design process. Users here include users with disabilities. This is becoming a major problem as many organizations are improving and evolving to allow for unlimited use of people with disabilities, so further considerations and developments to accommodate all user groups are as follows.

  • Websites that can record audio
  • Transcriptive website
  • Website with subtitles

A Website With Many Fonts

If there is a video-based design, the designer should remember that all user groups can understand the video comprehensively, for example with subtitles or sign language. And the placement of information should also be examined and thought through a process in which the visually impaired person can see the text easily. This trend can be a hassle for web designers. But it may be another option that makes it possible to expand the target audience.

Design Trends That Will Disappear. (Trending out)

Website design is a very important step in Website Development. The idea of ​​adding some elements to a website to impress users is no longer needed. Or in terms of the use of geometry into the website, which is relatively dimensionless, making it look dull and monotonous, invisible in 2021 and another trend that will disappear is the use of saturated colors The main factor causing the website to lose popularity Due to prolonged views causing strain and eye strain, the colors that will respond to bright and saturated colors are pastels, the last part does not fit and web-related videos and animations. This is what makes the website slow and also makes it less attractive.

Many speculate that 2020 will signal change. But in fact, 2020 is the year of analyzing the needs of new users, where we will see results in 2021. Designers may be adapting design trends to make their websites look very different.