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11 Most Common Mistakes When Marketing Online

11 Most Common Mistakes When Marketing Online

Getting a business success depends on a number of factors, including understanding the market. Target group And meeting consumer needs, In fact, No one is never wrong. It is that you can solve the problem. And how much can I learn from that mistake?

Here are some of the big mistakes. That you have a chance to miss as well if not careful

1. Lack of understanding of the target audience

If you want to be successful, The first thing that the operator must do is Make it into the target audience. Having good products and services is just the beginning. If you still don’t know what consumers want, How do you sell your products? 

2. Lack of planning

Planning is the key to success that has it all. Planning here is not meant to be brainstorming. And make decisions together in a conference room, but it means analyzing needs. Possibility Strength – weakness And set goals This will build on the budget in various parts. When there is good planning, it will help control And can measure performance as well.

3. product development not focus.

In the beginning, You have to put a lot of emphasis on your products and services. Ready to show its position in the market In accordance with the target audience

4.Hope for the impossible

It is known that Marketing campaigns cannot be measurable in a single day, except that the campaign is really viral. To finish the campaign, you need other factors. Many add-ons, including Pay-per-click, SEO and Social media, some campaigns take months. Or is it a year to measure results?

In any case, online marketing. Like running a marathon, it takes time and experience to reach the finish line.

5. No budget allocation

There are many entrepreneurs who fail to budget properly. Sometimes Online Marketing is not as big a budget as you think. Try to avoid paying for things that you are still unsure of whether they will work or not. Please focus on the areas that will help the organization achieve its goals. And increase the work efficiency to be better.

6.Use multiple platforms of social Media

Social Media is now the fastest way for everyone to use it. But for brands, using too much Social Media can have a negative impact on brands depending on which platform your target audience uses the most. Or if you want to use it all Must be updated regularly.

If you still don’t know which platform to use, You can choose the one that is most popular first such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

7. content Not paying attention.

Content is the cornerstone of Successful Online Marketing. You can post anything you want, including videos, articles, or infographics, but quality content is required. And reach the target audience; remember that good content can change website visitors. To be a customer.

8.Forget the importance of smartphones

This year, the number of Smartphone Users Worldwide is higher than Desktop Users. And most smartphone users use it to find places, read reviews, access websites, and use apps. For brands that have a website Must develop the web to be easy to use. Supports all devices.

9. I don’t care about measurement

Having a cool idea And action is only the beginning. After launching a Product or Campaign, Marketers need to measure ROI to determine the return on investment. This measure does not have to wait for the end of the campaign can be done as well. To see if the strategy works. If this does not work, it can be adjusted in time.

10. Use old SEO

Today the use of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a matter that is constantly changing. Because whenever Search Engine changes, SEO must change accordingly. It would help if you were careful when choosing keywords. Keywords in the link The keywords featured in this article, Google have warned websites that violate Google Search Engine rules by means of quick ranking. Which is against the rules, And take advantage of other websites. In the end, that website will be the right one. And delete them from all databases.

A simple way to get the web in search rankings is: Good content Contain content that meets the needs of the readers. And attract attention

11. Cannot mix online marketing. And offline compatible

 But not offline marketing doesn’t matter. As long as you can see billboards on the road. Advertising on the train With a Twitter Hashtag, You have to combine both of these things. To create a potential campaign And accessible to all levels of consumers