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Difference Between B2b and B2c

Difference Between B2b and B2c

Difference Between B2b and B2c E-Commerce

 It does not sell to the general public to corporate customers, such as marketing / legal consulting firms—Agency company Office buildings for rent, etc.

B2C stands for Business-to-Consumer, meaning to sell products or services to an individual customer. Usually, we are used to B2C business because it is easily accessible to consumers. For example, product businesses such as restaurants, fashion clothing stores, coffee shops, beverage shops, etc., company that provides services such as fitness, tour agency, apartment.

Understanding Content Marketing B2B Business

For a B2B content creator, it must be a professional expression. Build Trust (Build Authority) so that customers can be confident that they have expertise in that industry. There was a survey from marketing profs that 75% of B2B companies use the content as a tool abroad. In building confidence

Which, of course, does not mean writing an About Us page that describes your business in it and then ends. Rather than presenting things through content such as videos, articles, research papers, the company should make an impression and Trust them.

As a B2B product or service is more complex than a B2C business, it needs some discussion first. Difference Between B2b and B2c That makes Sales (Sales) an essential part of the conversation and Offering the right product or service to the customer.

Content on the online B2B world should be able to create contact. Or contact with the Sales Department, so creating a Contact to get in touch with customers in the target audience is very important.

Therefore, the primary goal of B2B businesses is to create content to generate Contact or Lead of interested people. It is a content creator that can make to end the sale as well.

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Build understanding of B2C Content Marketing business

Although professionalism in the industry is essential, it may not be the most important in a B2C line when the consumer has various factors such as mood, taste, or even promotion. And the need for information is also an essential component in the decision-making of B2C content that can interpolate knowledge. In addition to creating content that is just fun Creating a Lead Generation may not be as much a necessity as in a B2C business line like consumer goods. Brand awareness may be more critical. Therefore, when making content in the B2C line, we must study customer behaviour mainly. To be able to create content that meets the target audience as desired.

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And here are some stories about content making between B2B and B2C businesses that are different. Official distribution channels of social media platforms such as consumers focused on Facebook, LINE, Instagram, Twitter, while business customer communication channels may focus on Email Marketing.

Besides, it is also a matter of frequency type of content. For example, B2C businesses should have a higher frequency of content than B2B. And content style with clarity, etc.

However, we should start to study, plan and take action to suit your line of work. To be able to increase sales or as a planning plan aimed at the goals set. To benefit your business as much as possible.