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Difference Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO vs gray hat seo (1)

Difference Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO vs gray hat seo (1)

Over the past ten years, Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, has become one of the main strategies for business success because SEO can help companies get quality leads. The cost is relatively young compared to other forms of marketing, and that is the primary purpose of many businesses to generate leads at a minimal cost.

As there has been a lot of attention in the market, thus creating a group of people who study in this particular field. Whether it’s a marketing expert, an agency, or even a People who call themselves “guru” have different opinions to optimize websites ranking.

While techniques may work to a certain extent, there is no evidence to prove that What’s the best way to do it? However, you’ve probably heard the term “Black Hat” or “White Hat” SEO. How are they different? What are some essential things that you should know, and what is “Gray Hat” SEO

White Hat SEO

Simply put, it is doing. Search Engine Optimization Ethically: According to the rules, to rank a site in focus keywords, what criteria must we meet before calling ourselves White Hat?

Follow Search Engine Guidelines

If to be specific is White Hat SEO must follow the recommendations of Google Webmaster Guidelines Strictly It has been established to guide you to optimize the website correctly. Although the content may be pretty broad But it’s easy enough for many business owners to understand its theory.

Pay attention to visitors.

User experience development is a crucial factor in White Hat SEO. Besides, Google wants to display accurate information. They also want the user to have a good experience. So they want to make sure the websites they recommend are well maintained.

Effective SEO strategies will focus on optimizing your website for your visitors. Updating your quality articles, making the page load faster. They are part of Google algorithms.

Long-term strategy

As with so many things in life, following the right way takes time, and sometimes it takes a long time to see results. Whether it is producing quality content To meet the target audience, keep improving the website for a better user experience, and finding quality websites for linking. It can take several hours each day.

Unlike most Black Hat strategies, it takes less work and finds ways to save money and time. Although the white hat method takes longer to get your website to rank on the keyword you intended. But you will get more exact and longer results.

* By setting up Google Search Console, you will be warned when Google encounters your site’s usability and performance problems.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is the opposite of what we said about White Hat SEO, which can be considered:

Did not follow Search Engine Guidelines.

As mentioned earlier, White Hat will follow the requirements that Search Engines have put in place, but Black Hat not only does not. Sometimes . they may violate those terms for indirect strategy.

Trying to cheat the algorithm.

While White Hat SEO tries to find flaws in the website’s usability, regardless of whether it’s tried and tested to improve it, Black Hat strategy will try to find the weakness of a search algorithm to make a website rank high in the fastest possible time. If the plan is to make the algorithm think that the website is more relevant to the keyword than it is, it is considered a Black Hat SEO.

Quickly find benefits

White Hat SEO takes the time to perform and goes through a proper ranking and classification process defined by search engines. In contrast, the Black Hat strategy tends to make that website rank as quickly as possible. This method is used to increase the agency’s profit by avoiding the hard work of White Hat SEO.

Most of the time, these strategies are very successful, as Google constantly improves its algorithms. To find new ways to detect which sites are following rules and which don’t for your benefit.

Gray Hat SEO

Even if you rarely hear this word. But SEO Experts sometimes refer to a “Gray Hat” strategy. This strategy lies between White Hat and Black Hat SEO and is a strategy that has yet to get Google’s attention, although it does not harm the website. This is the same as the Black Hat strategy, yet some risks can arise when ranking your website like Gray Hat.

Doing things like creating lots of links Or extracting “microsites”, or making requests to link directories is something you might describe as a “Gray Hat” strategy. There is a lot of debate about whether this is a good thing to do with a client’s website. Or it will be too risky. While customers may be happy to see a lot of work But at the same time, it may harm both the website rankings and the customer’s reputation.

What is the risk exactly?

Suppose you decide to try the strategy. That is considered a skewer of the Google Algorithm. As a result, there are two things: you will find that your website rank more difficult when Google adjusts the algorithm, or worse, Google bands ban your site.

As many strategies are being used to deceive Google’s algorithms, Google regularly updates its algorithms to improve it. The accuracy of the user’s search results, However, they are also designed to close any loopholes that SEO people may take advantage of to rank their website faster.

An excellent example of this is the 2021 Penguin update designed to penalize the site With the purchase of cheap links Or spam links. Come to improve their website ranking. And people doing SEO In this model, … could see their orders crashing randomly.

Manual punishment

You may be subject to manual penalties by Google, which comes from technicians who work with the Google team to identify and penalize websites that use Black Hat SEO tactics to defraud their algorithms. The severe aspect of manual penalties is that it prevents the website from entirely showing up in Google search results.


While White Hat SEO works may not be that attractive. And take a long time, But in the end, it was a worthwhile effort. It too much to risk everything And bet on the Black Hat SEO line to make the site worse. Simply put, the risks are not worth the rewards, and any temptation you will cut down on your workflow using the Black Hat strategy.

As with many Businesses that require long-term investment, your SEO strategy should also dedicate time and effort for the best results in the long term.

At Phoenix Media, we use the same tactics to rank our customers’ websites as we do for our own. This generally involves improving the website to improve the user experience and improve website loading speed. Producing unique quality articles from were and providing the best quality links possible.

Each campaign is tailored to the customer based on search terms, Target Location, website history, and appropriate monthly budget. However, we do not set a fixed price. But we recommend a minimum initial allotment of 20,000 baht per month.