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What Is Digital Marketing

What Is Digital Marketing

Difference Between Online Sales Web Vs Web Sales Pages?

I must say that at present Every E-Commerce websites and Sales Pages has the goal of selling its products. Be it a product or a service, so business owners have to do different ways. Customers or prospects to a website of their own by sales of online and web pages cells is another option, which is a catalyst for excellence. That will make the people who visit your website make a quick decision to buy products or services And can also easily close the sale

What Is the Difference Between E-Commerce and Sale Page?

 Nowadays we have access to various electronic media. In the online world more conveniently and quickly Using the internet can be considered as the main activity in most people’s daily life, causing more and more businesses to turn to an E-Commerce website and Sale Page, and what are the differences between the two? Today we have the answer.

E-Commerce is a website that operates a business using electronic means to sell products or services via the Internet directly to the website visitors to achieve the goals that the business has set. It is designed to allow website visitors to buy and sell products. Or services through computer technology or electronic media to reduce costs And increase business efficiency by reducing the role of business elements such as location, business-building Warehouse Showroom Including salesperson Staff introducing products Employees, customers, and thereby reduce the constraints of distance and time into it because it is the site E-Commerce has the following advantages.

1. No need to have a storefront Able to show samples of products as images or video clips on websites or social media.

2. No sales staff required. Can display various information With a system that can automatically trade Or contact the shop via the internet Make sales and support customers every day, 24 hours a day.

3. Increase sales chance. The shop has the opportunity to reach everyone who has internet. Therefore able to have customers from all over the country and all over the world No travel problems.

4. Helps reduce administrative costs. Therefore, the money can be invested in other areas, such as business expansion, advertising, public relations, etc.

5. Marketing accurately and measurable. Can use the website. Sell ​​products and Social Media, collect customer and visitor information. And can be used in online marketing that can be targeted There is also a system that can monitor performance. This is different from advertising in offline media such as television, newspaper, etc.

Therefore, if you are a business owner who wants to run an E-Commerce website, we recommend Advanced iService because it is a company that provides E-Commerce website services ( online selling web ) that will help you dream of having a website for selling products. Yourself easily, modern, attractive to use, showing product details and complete contact channels With a payment channel that is convenient, fast and secure, and cheap as well. Besides, we also set up a website structure to support SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which will help your product rank top on Search Engine easily in no time Long time too

The Sale Page is one of the web pages of the website for details of products or services. That will help attract people who are interested to read the details of the product or service. And incentivize trading Which is usually a fully compiled website page Either product or service image Product or service details Buttons to order products or services Or buttons for additional contact via various channels such as Line Official Account, Facebook, or share products or services, etc.

The advantage of a Sale Page is that it provides concise information. Easy to reach Because it is a single-page presentation No need to click multiple pages or load multiple times. And is very suitable for activation on your phone or tablet. Presenting information on the Sale Page emphasizes the convenience of the recipient of the information as a priority. This will help make online sales easier. Because when the convenience occurred Indeed, it is an incentive for users to receive messages within the said page. And have a chance to purchase at the end

In summary, the Sale Page is ideal for sellers who want to create a hassle-free shopping experience for buyers. Which is easy to trade It will play a part in attracting customers to come back to buy another product or service again. Or word of mouth, too, so the Sale Page, so it is a business, every business should have, because the web cells pages will display information about the product, including how to order and how to pay it all together by the web cells. Pages will help your products stand out and be attractive to purchase. The easy ordering process on the web sales page will also help increase your product sales. So if you want to have a good web sales page, Advanced iService, we have a service to do it. Web Sales Page ( Sale Page ) with quality, support for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), let your product easily be placed on the search page on Google, our service is full of quality but the cheap price that will help you have a web sales page Good as my own You can assure you that our service will increase sales for your business.