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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

This year has seen remarkable changes since the beginning of the year. Until last month, the change was full of challenges. Consumers are changing their lifestyles and market trends, so many brands are adapting and starting to plan their business strategies in 2021, which can be said to be an uncomfortable problem.

Vtacecommerce So, we have gathered digital marketing trends to create and plan the marketing strategy that you will face next year, and what are the Digital Marketing trends in 2021? Let’s see

1- User Content (User Generated Content)
2- Search by voice
3- Expert Influence (Micro Influence)
4- Video ads
5- Fresh commercial

1. Content from users (User Generated Content)

UGC is one of the most powerful forms of word-of-mouth marketing. Also known as consumer content, UGC is content or content produced by a target audience, such as referring to a brand or store they admire. Is satisfied customers who want to send. Where the store or brand owner does not have to pay to rent

And in 2021, content like this will continue to increase. Last year, UGC content was the content that accounted for 86% of brands to businesses. And relatively high efficiency due to its reliability. Helps generate sales in various stores

2. Voice search

Say now and for the future, if you want users to reach your brand’s website or channel, you need to optimize your brand channel for voice search.

Voice search or voice search is using your voice to search. Which is now more popular because there are devices that support purchases. And more voice searches, whether it’s smartphones, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or even home appliances that typically support voice commands. That’s why voice search is becoming increasingly important.

According to the latest data from We Are Social, Voice Search usage statistics among the UK in 2020 ranks seventh in the world and 45% of the UK think that voice search commands are normal and expect 2021 to increase. times.

3. Micro Effects

A specialized influencer or micro-influencer is someone who has knowledge. He is skilled in his area of ​​expertise (5,001 – 100,000 followers), appreciates what they love so much, and is therefore seen as a trustworthy person. They were able to form a strong relationship with His Followers. This content only appeals to people with similar preferences.

Company. It may not pay much attention to small influencers, but in 2021, small influencers will still be a factor in helping brands make their marketing efforts. To have few followers But when compared to the results, very beneficial. Because messages directly influence consumer purchasing decisions, stimulate engagement and sales, they are suitable for businesses of all sizes and segments.

4. Video Ads

Because social media platforms have started to develop video features to be more user-friendly. There are fun features like IG Stories, TikTok, and YouTube, according to eMarketer, predicting that by 2021 video ad spending will increase to $ 14.89 billion and a third of users will make a purchase after seeing the video ads.

Video Ads or Video Ads are presentations from various media. In the form of multimedia that can display animations with voice narration. According to internet usage statistics, one person has 3 devices that can connect to the online world: PC, mobile, and tablet.

Respond to yourself: “How frequently seven days do you see promotions from books? How many times do you watch ads from your TV? And how many ad clips have you watched?

Advantages of advertising with the video format
1. Reach the target customer, because the customer is the search part, we remember, we choose our service. Get more visitors Attractive and engaging video clips provide a great incentive to visit the website or store page.
2. Cost-effective and efficient It can measure, bookmark, and proceed accurately without forgetting. It is a worthwhile investment. Modern steps
3. Build a fan club and build brand loyalty with customers for ongoing promotion. This makes the referring customer return to buy on an ongoing basis. This can also build confidence from old clips, reviewing back as well.

5. Fresh Trade

Live Commerce or Live Commerce is a combination of real-time video broadcasting or live streaming with e-commerce or online commerce. Or as we know, Sell directly, there are no limits to the type and place of sale, as well as sellers and buyers can chat, exchange, or present products immediately.

In the past year, product sales in Asia have increased 46.4%. In UK, there are lifestyle platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Lazada, Shopee, etc. But for brands and marketers, homework is a bit difficult To face the challenges that arise because live broadcasts are real-time communication, what must be done to attract an audience throughout the broadcast? Watch and want to buy right away. And it’s important to have the right influencers or moderators have a strategy for communicating with your audience.

And in 2021, it looks like it won’t be predictable. With ongoing epidemics, changing consumer behavior, and massive political upheaval, adaptability is key for brands that want to survive and grow.