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Many of you have heard the news of Apple’s new policy implemented with iOS14 for User Privacy and Data Use, where every app must first ask for permission to access the user’s data. If the user agrees, it’s good to go. But if not, then The big problem for advertisers!

The apps that impact the full, it is inevitable that Facebook, which everyone knows how good Facebook is to store data. (Knowing everything) when blocking the access of user information, Of course, the results Of advertising will not come out as good as before

  • Tracking conversion is the hardest hit. Social Media Marketing Because when users press the link outside Facebook, it can only measure 1 Event. 
  • It will undoubtedly reduce the number of conversion results.
  • On the website page, you can install only 8 Event Code.
  • Measurement of ad results is less effective. Because you have to wait for the 3 days processing system
  • Retargeting is more complicated, and accuracy may decrease.


You can see that the most worrying thing will fall into the tracking on the website

But don’t be stressed. We have a straightforward workaround – Domain Verification to make sure that your website is validated. You have the right to access And edit various contents Of websites. Will show on Facebook, and most importantly, Do not interrupt the work of the installed Facebook Pixel as well.

How to Verify Your Domain (Domain Verification) 

  1. Go to page The Facebook Business Manager * must be the owner of the business account. To be able to access domain verification settings.
  2. Select Brand Safety and then select Domains.
  3. Press the Add button to add the domain you want to access.
  4.  Without the prefix, Enter the Domain HTTPS: // www. Then press Add Domain button.
  5. Facebook offers three methods of installing and verifying domains:
  • Add DNS TXT recording to your domain host.
  • Upload the HTML verification file onto your website.
  • Install Meta-tag on your website.

For Make Web Easy customers, we recommend a very easy way to install Meta-tag on our website.

The installation method is as follows.

5.1 Login to the Make Web Easy website system and choose to manage the desired website.

5.2 Select the web management menu bar > Website Settings> Supported code.

5.3 Select Google Analytics and press the Set button.

For those who have not yet installed it, you can find out how to install Google Analytics on your website.

5.4 Copy the code in Business Manager and paste it under the Google Analytics code.  By leaving 1 line as in the picture, then press the save button.

5.5 Back at the Facebook Business Manager page, press the Verify button.

5.6 If the installation is successful, a popup will appear as in the picture.

5.7 On the Business Manager page, The status pending review will disappear. And a green dot behind the website title 

Once you have completed the domain verification method, you will be able to use Facebook Pixel and Event Code in advertising campaigns as usual anyway.