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Steps to Successful E-Commerce

Steps to Successful E-Commerce

Online buying and selling have been increasing day by day as now a large number of people find it convenient to do online shopping. At this age, owning a physical store is not enough in order to gain profits, you should open up an online store too. Simple as having a proper e-commerce website is required to run an online store conveniently. 

The development of e-commerce websites might seem hard, but with proper steps, it can be successful. Having an e-commerce website is just like having a physical store where the first impression matters. Shop with an attractive display of stuff attracts customers, and in the same way, a website with organized and properly on-display stuff makes the visitors stay and buy. A cluttered website with everything all over the place will make your potential customers lose interest and they will leave. 

What is e-commerce website development?

E-Commerce Web Design & Website Development United Kingdom is a process of developing and designing a website that is dedicated to online selling and buying only. E-commerce websites are a common investment decision now by retailers, entrepreneurs, commercial enterprises, and business owners. E-commerce online stores effectively transform the increasing advantages of online shopping into a revenue source. 

There are many things to consider in E-commerce website development, such as design and layout, usability, technical aspects, and overall performance. A website with a combination of well-built and creative design will do wonders for your business. 

Here we will guide you through some simple steps that are important for a successful e-commerce website development. 

  • Right platform and suitable theme 
  • Product catalogue 
  • Product photography- quality pictures and videos
  • Shipping and delivery charges 
  • The transparent and easy payment process 


  1. Right platform and suitable theme 

The right platform lays the foundation of a successful e-commerce website. When you are looking for a platform for e-commerce website development, choose the affordable and functional. There are many free and expensive platforms available in the market, including Shopify, Wix, Weebly, BigCommerce, Magento, etc. Each of these has its own benefits and disadvantages. It is important to choose as per your requirements as different options work for different people. 

Once the platform is decided, next comes the suitable theme that fits your store. Things to consider when choosing the theme, visually appealing, customisable, responsive, loads quickly, works on all desktop, and mobile browsers support needed features, etc.

Presentation is all that counts for making a first impression and creating regular customers. Make sure to pay attention to the design layout and its functionality. 

  1. Product catalogue 

No one likes a crowded and hard-to-navigate site where products are scattered all over the page and hard to find the specific one. Making a product catalogue is the next important step. If you have too many products, then make a list of their names and specs in a spreadsheet to make sure not to miss any and cover everything. Each product should belong to a category and have as detailed as possible information. That includes name, description, material, dimensions, weight, colors, extra features, etc. 

Make separate categories of different kinds of products for an easy-to-find process. You should also add a search bar on the top which is quite useful in every situation. If anyone is looking for a particular product, they can search for the terms and get related results. If your website doesn’t make a proper catalogue or subcategories, you will lose your customers really quickly. They will go to another website with an easy interface. 

The lack of products and their needed information delays the eCommerce Web Design & Website Development process. Therefore make a catalogue beforehand and upload it all together. 

  1. Product photography- quality pictures and videos

The sales depend on what you show to possible customers. High-quality pictures and videos of the product are all that matters for capturing the attention of your valuable customers. Visitors leave the web page after seconds of scrolling through the website, and you need to grab their attention within that time limit with pleasing and attractive pictures.  

Investing in professional product photography and graphic design is worthwhile. You can put just pictures of stuff, but if you have a clothing store, then use a model to show what it looks like while wearing it. If it is an electronic product or kitchen utensils the show through a video on how to use it. If it is a piece of furniture, then show it being placed in a room that suits decor because it will make the stuff look more appealing. There are many creative ways you can think of making the product shine with photography. 

  1. Shipping and delivery charges 

After everything is done, and product shipment and delivery strategy come next. Calculating shipping charges can be quite complex because of the different weights and dimensions of the products, location of shipping, and other factors. Also, there will be different shipping methods and courier companies which further bring out different pricing. 

The best you can do is keep the process simple and fixed by making categories. For example, if the shipment is heavier than the weight limit then extra charges or if it is bigger etc. Otherwise flat delivery rate depending on the location such as within the city or outside is the best option. Also, remote areas can have higher charges. 

There are plenty of options to consider and depend on the products and requirements. 

  1. The transparent and easy payment process 

Last but not least, set up an easy to process payment method and transparent receipt. After everything is done, and you finally get an order, the last step is to make your customer see your transparent billing system. Stuff like hidden charges, no clear return policy, payment methods not accepted, or needing an account to complete transactions, are the reasons that drive out customers at the last moment. 

Do not make such mistakes. Come clear with your billing methods and make the process simple and clear for quick order placement. 

Bottom line 

Developing an e-commerce website is all about working with a strategy and a little bit of research on competitors. You can make it yourself by following the guidelines mentioned above or take advantage of Custom Ecommerce Development Services available in the market by some experienced company.