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Email marketing techniques

Email marketing techniques

1. List Emails with a Source, Not That I Send Someone. I Do Not Know.

A list of the emails we have on hand. You have to know where it came from. And who are they? Because if going to mimic the target audience from those email lists, He may not have known us before. And it doesn’t allow us to send emails blindly. If we still force to send it, It was cast into Spam, of course, because he didn’t know us. We only sent an email to it. He doesn’t care.


The solution is that there should be a way for him to submit their needs. Or confirm that you want to subscribe or follow news from us, here we will get a more quality target audience. When sending emails, they won’t be annoyed. Because he was willing to accept it in the first place. Without which we are not going to force him to know

2. to Do Anything, One Must Have Explicit Goals.

Of course, that we will do whatever. We have to have a goal first, which is so good if it is. There is only one goal, But it’s better to be precise. For sending email to customers, Should have a plan as well. What do we want customers to do with the emails we send? For example, customers open and read. You don’t have to do anything. We just alert news or good information to be aware of it, want sales from sending promotions to, etc. Because if we do not have a goal to measure. Why do we send an email? Probably no one is free to sit and send emails, right?

3. Email Subject Name Must Arouse Curiosity.

Will people click or not click to open and read email? It’s on the subject line of the email. Same principle as Naming articles/content because, of course, people who see them do not know What’s inside them. So what is like the First Impression that will attract people to be interested and read it is “Title.”

Even if you include the recipient’s name in the subject, it will be even better because it will make customers feel that We are talking to him. It’s not an automatic message. However, it’s an automated message. But the recipient is more likely to open an email with his name. Because I feel that it is a matter of my own (which Email Marketing Service can do Where we don’t have to sit and type the name ourselves, enter the code, it will retrieve the information)

4. Value Content Is Still Necessary Even Though Our Tools Are Gods.

Can anyone remember about the two circles? The first band will be what the brand wants to say. And the second group is what customers want to hear With. Both bands had overlapping, a middle band that is a combination of what the brand wants to say And what customers want to hear in harmony. That’s what we need to make content.

5. Put a Little Call to Action.

If we send emails to inform the news, there may not be many calls to action, but if we send various promotions to encourage customers to buy. I can’t say that there is no call to action button, otherwise the customer’s desire to buy. Will arise and then extinguish Who will never forget our promotion? So don’t forget to find the angle for the call to action button. In case customers are interested, you can click to buy.

6. Do a / B Testing Calmly.

For anyone who wants to test email first that Which type of email will get customers more? We recommend that you try one by one, such as title, email subject, email content, etc. (either one), and test it over and over, do not rush to get the best option. As old age said, he noted that slowly he had a beautiful scythe.

By the way, it is. Let’s say we have 5,000 email subscribers (Subscriber). What type of email does the client read better with the subject line? By sending emails to two small audiences, the first (50) received an email with Subject A, and the second (50) received a B email with the same content inside the email. After testing, I found that Topic A had been opened and read more emails. Then send an email to the rest (4,900) with the subject line of email A. All

7. Do not Auto Resend too much. You will get bored.

The advantage of Auto Resend is that when we send an email to the customer. People haven’t opened and read. We can set it to return to the same person automatically. Until open to read at all, but if repeatedly and repeatedly, customers will not be okay, the solution is to change the email subject. If resend is necessary to give the customer the impression that it is not the same thing that previously submitted. In case he will be willing to open and read.