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Facebook and Instagram Lead Ads

Leads vote for leads!

Let’s first understand the terminology. Leads are the fair sex, and there are “leads” – these are users who perform a targeted action (open a link, repost, and so on) can also lead leads, but not all leads are leads. Well, you get the idea.

Facebook has a dedicated ad Facebook and Instagram Lead Ads format that appears in your leads’ feeds. For example, you have your nail salon and offer a 25% discount on the eve of March 8th.

Particular Lida scrolls through her feed and comes across your ad. Click on the “Sign up” button – and a unique lead form opens for her. Lida enters her name, email address, and phone number there, selects “Submit,” – and you receive her application.

Why is it time to make friends with leads?

Any advertising method has its advantages and disadvantages. Facebook lead generation is no exception. So let’s start with the cons:

  1. Manual control of applications. Review and unload incoming applications independently. As a result, a person may not receive a response in time and refuse your service/product. However, there is a way out – contact special paid services and automate the work.
  2. Poor lead quality. Unfortunately, many users can be distracted, for example, by a message and forget about the request made.

As you can see, there are not so many disadvantages, and against the background of the advantages, they all fade away. Taking a look at Facebook lead advertising :

  1. You are increasing the number of applications for your services.
  2. Increasing orders for your products.
  3. The ability to collect a new database of email addresses.
  4. You are launching advertising without your website.
  5. Fast results (with the proper settings).
  6. Cost savings (advertising on Facebook is cheaper than on Yandex and Google).

Try it yourself!

Just about anyone can cope with running Facebook ads, so try it! If you want to create a Facebook lead form without the help of a professional, read the following guidelines. Go to your account and sequentially open the shower sections:

  1. “Create an advertisement.”
  2. “Lead Generation.”
  3. “Set up an ad account” (if this is your first time advertising).

After that, you need to specify the parameters of the advertising campaign and fill out the ad:

  1. The audience. Select the gender, age, and location of your potential customers.
  2. They were setting up the placement. Specify which devices will broadcast the ad.
  3. Budget and Schedule. In the “Optimize ad serving” section, select “Leads.” Better put “Auto” in “Bet Amount.”
  4. Advertisement. In this tab, be sure to fill in all the points. Otherwise, your ad will easily get lost in the news feed, among others.

I created a Facebook lead form:

  1. Open “Lead Generation Forms,” click on “New Form.”
  2. Fill in the “Welcome” section. Add a call to action here and more details about your proposal.
  3. In the “Questions” section, select the information that you want to receive from the client (name, age, phone number, position, and so on).
  4. Be sure to insert the link to the privacy policy. If you do not have it, then find it on the Internet and adjust it for yourself.
  5. In the “Thank you” screen, you can add a quick text with a link to your site.
  6. Click “Finish,” and your lead form is ready!

Two from the casket, the same from the face

It’s no secret that Facebook Inc. owns Instagram. Therefore, the Instagram lead form is created through the Facebook ad account. But keep in mind that only business profile owners can run Instagram ads. If you have a regular page, then you need to go to “Settings,” open the “Account” section and select “Go to the business account.”

Pay-per-lead ads on Instagram are more effective when you offer prospective customers multiple responses. You can find out more detailed information about users by phone call or email.

If you don’t want to study articles on creating Lead Ads on Instagram and Facebook, then contact the specialists right away.

But remember, no targeting or marketer can guarantee you the exact number of new customers. So, as they say, “Pot, boil!” – we wish you the uninterrupted receipt of applications!

Lead forms on Facebook work on Instagram?

Lead ads are available on both Facebook and Instagram. To do so, you must create your lead ad in Ads Manager and choose either Instagram in Manual Placements. … If you include a Date of Birth field on your Instant Form, it will not be delivered to Instagram.

What is Instagram lead ads?

Instagram lead ads are meant for companies to collect customer information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, and job titles. These ads enable companies to learn more about customers, improve their direct marketing campaigns, and more.

What is Facebook lead ads?

Lead ads help you find people who may be interested in your products or services and collect their information. Instant Forms allow you to collect contact information, such as name, email address, phone number, and more. You can use lead ads to: … Find potential customers for your business.