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The launch of Google’s next algorithm update, Page Experience, has been delayed from May to mid-June 2021.

Google has delayed the start of its Page Experience algorithm update, which includes the Core Web Vitals ranking signal, to mid-June.

Originally scheduled to launch in May, Google has updated the schedule for the Page Experience update, giving site owners at least a month to prepare.

In a blog post, Google says the Page Experience update will begin rolling out in mid-June but won’t play a full role in search rankings until late August.


From mid-June 2021, we will start using page experience as part of our ranking systems. But it won’t be until the end of August that Page Experience is fully functional within those systems. It’s like adding seasoning to a dish when you cook it. We’re not going to add the flavours all at once, we’re going to do it slowly over that period of time.


 Phased rollout One of the reasons for the is to monitor the update’s impact and ensure there are no unforeseen issues.

According to Google, sites should not expect drastic changes when implementing the update. This is because the page experience is one of the many factors taken into account when ranking web pages.

As far as search results are concerned, everything we know about the Page Experience update remains the same. See the resources at the end of this article for the latest information.

As part of the Page Experience update, changes will be made to Google News to expand the use of non-AMP content on news.google.com and in mobile apps. Google will also remove the AMP badge that indicates AMP content.

New Page Experience Report in Google Search Console


Google Search Console now offers a new page experience report that combines the Core Web Vitals report with other page experience signals, including

Mobile Usability: To achieve a “Good” status, the URL must be free of mobile usability errors.

Security issues: If a site has security issues, all URLs on that site will be excluded from “Good” status.

Use of HTTPS: Page Experience To qualify for Good, pages must be served via HTTPS.

Advertising experience. It would help if you did not use advertising techniques that are distracting, intrusive or otherwise disruptive to the user experience. If a site is rated as having a poor advertising experience, all pages will be rated as having a poor experience.

The Page Experience Report measures the percentage of URLs that provide a good experience on your site, based on assessing the above factors.

Site owners can also use this report to drill down into the components of the page experience signal to understand opportunities for improvement better.

Alongside this update, the Search Console Search Performance Report has been updated to include filtering out pages with a good page experience. This allows you to compare pages with an excellent experience to other pages on your site.

For more information on the page experience update, see the following resources.

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