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Google Search Updates

Google Search Updates

BERT or Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformer, an algorithm that understands human language or NLP more than before. Which, if we observe, we will feel that Google gives us more direct search results Because it learns more than just the keywords or sentences that are entered, but it can also understand the context or the context. That is because many More and more people are starting to look for spoken language. Not the written language as before, so it means that Our website will get more targeted targets and a lower bounce rate.

In which last year The BERT algorithm is still not complete sauce, but today Google is proud to say that BERT is ready for use in English, and more languages ​​will follow. The things that are updated are 5 things.

1. Spelling misspelled, it’s okay, AI BERT understands.

Today, the BERT system is able to understand spelling errors better than before. Because Google said Every day, people tend to type a lot of mistakes, 1 in 10 searches must have misspellings, allowing the Google Search Updates to learn and suggest correct words with much more accuracy.

Many people might say, Oh. Actually, it has already been modified, isn’t it? The answer is yes, Google has always done it. But today, the system just works faster at less than 3 milliseconds or a fraction of a second. With new, more accurate, and contextual proposals as well

2. Passages understand more paragraph content

Google says that when people are looking for something that is very specific, it can be difficult to get answers from thousands of websites on the Internet. Because perhaps the answer that the user wants could be just one sentence on the content side of the web. What Google’s AI will do is to understand the passage of the content in the paragraphs that match the search terms more. Not just presenting a website with a Good SEO Index as before.

This is right here, course For marketers It is necessary to understand in the context.

3. Subtopics Understanding Other Aspects of Queries Related

This is very interesting. Because usually if we find about ‘Exercise at home, we will only find various Home Workouts offered. But today, Google’s AI system works smarter than that. Because it sweeps up other subtopics related to home exercise, too, whether it’s affordable exercise equipment. Ideas for narrow spaces, etc. Therefore, the content that will be displayed in the search results will be wider.

Which is the point right here that will affect SEO in the future for sure. Because it means that our content may appear to people with similar interests

4. Hum, just hum, can find a song on Google.

Because there are people who can’t think of songs very often Only melodies stuck in my head It is difficult to find music when looking for music. And the lyrics can’t be remembered for sure. Today, Google released a Hum system that allows people to hum and find the song they want. No need to sit and sleep. Call a friend at 1 am to ask what song this song is any longer. And it’s going to be a little bit similar to Shazam, isn’t it?

Whatever really matters, Voice Search is what Google’s search system should be able to do more accurately. Because now when you type and search for anything, people will find a more spoken language. I thought about what was in my head, I search like that.

5. Key Moments in Video

From long videos But there are only a few moments we want to watch today, Google can understand the main moments in each video clip. By people searching into Google will see it as a Bookmark point, stick it out for that What you searched for Where are the automatic videos in?

This video allows people to Tag various moments. Get your own video If anyone has no idea Try to think about bookmarking important points. In one book, but this one is a video clip instead, like in a retro football clip. It may be a tag such as the Moment that Ronaldo shoots in the first goal or the second Moment that is always shot, etc.