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Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Most people think of Google Ads when they see ads with descriptive websites. What if I told you that there is another ad format called Google Shopping Ads that focus on stores that sell products in particular? In today’s lesson, Noria introduces Google Shopping Ads to everyone.

Google Shopping Ads: What are they?

This is Google’s product advertising, Google Shopping Ads which appears as a card with product images. Name of the supplier, including information about delivery and rating of the product.

In contrast to the usual Google Search Ads that you are usually familiar with, Google Shopping Ads are an ad that helps your business attract more customers by giving them immediate access to your products and pricing. Google Shopping Ads displays images of your product along with those of several competitors when a search customer searches for a specific product type. Google will appear to the searcher as if it were a shopping site.

Do you know how Google Shopping works?

As previously mentioned, Google Shopping Ads are quite different from regular Google Ads. Therefore, the working principle is slightly different.

The Google Shopping Ads algorithm uses a Product Feed file that contains information about your online store’s products, and Google matches the product information with the search query. Those data are automatically extracted to create a Shopping Card for us.

Which shopping card is the most appealing to a searcher when they find one? Want to click to buy or find out more When a searcher clicks, Google charges us right away.

What are the benefits of Google Shopping Ads for an online store?

• was positioned at the top of the display.

Google Shopping Ads have the advantage of standing out and being different from other ads because they will be the first thing you see on search results. As can be seen, Google Shopping Ads stand out from the crowd. There are not enough pictures to draw the eye, and it takes up a lot of space. By doing this, you will increase your chances of being clicked. Increase the opportunity to sell more Clicks generated in 2021 across all ad formats on Google AdsGoogle Shopping Ads accounted for 65% of the ad formats clicked, indicating that shopping card advertising drives more people to click. real letters

• Show product pictures. which is more motivating than just having an advertisement

Shopping Visibility of the right product immediately after a search It’s more incentivized to click compared to text ads that take longer to read and understand and then to decide whether or not to click.

Additionally, product images are helpful in cases where customers do not understand what they are buying. Nevertheless, you should keep looking until you find a model, model, color, or price that you like. All of the above information is much more helpful if it is presented to us on a Shopping Card with pictures and prices.

 Advertisers will be able to influence purchase decisions faster.

We think of interruptions when we think of ads, like when a person listening to music on Spotify is suddenly interrupted. Youtube’s interruption caused you to look at it.

Unlike typical ads, Google Shopping Ads won’t interrupt your browsing, instead of displaying results when it is most convenient for you. Or are you looking at that product right now?

Shopping ads on Google are what are they?

An advertisement provides detailed information about the product, including its image, price, and merchant name. Advertisements are created based on the product attributes provided by your Merchant Center data feed and displayed to people who are already looking for the products you advertise.

Where can I see my Google Shopping ads?

You can find your Shopping ads and free listings on the web here:

Google Search’s Shopping tab (in select countries)
Google Search, next to search results (separate from text ads).

Google Shopping ads: how much do they cost?

The average shopping cost per click (CPC) is $0.66 for Google Ads and $0.46 for Bing Ads across all industries.