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How can I find the Top SEO Company in the UK for my project or company? This question might be going on and on in your mind but can’t seem to find the answer to. In the world where you will find plenty of agencies that pretend to be SEO experts but have little to none know-how of Search Engine Optimization techniques. Which makes it even harder to find a suitable SEO agency. 

Lucky for you, we are here to solve the problem for you. Here we will list 7 factors that you need to consider before hiring the best SEO marketing agency in the UK.  

  • Track record 
  • Communication 
  • Knowledge and process 
  • References 
  • Reviews 
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
  • SEO Firm that will fulfil your goals 

1. Track record 

The first thing to look for in the best SEO marketing agency is their track record. A solid SEO label should have a distinguished and long record of serving their clients with promising results. Any SEO agency should be able to show their worth with previous projects records and potential growth in the future. Things like Google Analytics reports, Google Search Console Data, case studies, and positions reports give insight to an SEO Agency’s capabilities. 

We recommend digging deeper in their reports and seeing beyond what they show. Do search about SEO agencies with some tools to see their stats by yourself and look up the former clients. 

2. Communication 

Communication between an agency and a client is the key to the success of any business. Choose an SEO company in the UK that ensures effective communication at every step. You do not get to engage in the process nor have tools to track the progress of what is happening with the project. Therefore, an SEO company that communicates well and gives you every update of your project and keeps you track of any issues or suggestions. With an SEO agency, it is not a short term work, and you will get to work for a long term base. Which makes it important to choose the SEO agency that communicates well on your level and make sure both sides are heard and understood. 

3. Knowledge and process

Choose an SEO Company based on their knowledge and work process. It is a broad category that covers a lot of areas such as leadership, work experience, customer service, reporting, transparency, attributes etc. The company that possesses the effective knowledge of SEO is certainly the best and most valuable. Before hiring an SEO agency, get to know their work procedure. 

  • How do they work? 
  • How do they manage the workload? 
  • How effectively they lead a project? 
  • What strong attributes do they have? 
  • What procedure do they use for each client or change their strategy depending on the project? 

These are some of the questions that you need to answer before choosing the suitable for your company or individual project. 

4. References 

References are somewhat similar to track record because both are associated with former clients. The past clients’ references that have gone through the process and took the services provide all the good, bad or ugly side of the SEO agency. If someone refers you to an SEO company for your work, he is bound to tell you the details and why they found it good. Make sure to compile a list of questions that you want to ask to clear out your doubts and get a good perspective of a company. Prefer the SEO company that is referred to your or look up the references from the past clients if you have a particular company in mind. 

5. Reviews 

Reviews are the main source and a priority method of evaluating an SEO agency. The feedback from former clients on the profile shows the other side of the story. It is important to know that the company’s statistics reflect their performance, and the review reveals their client’s point of view.. You can either see the reviews on their website or use sites like Google My Business Reviews, GlassDoor.com, Clutch.co, UpCity.com. These websites are SEO specific reviews sites where clients with authentic profiles leave reviews about the SEO agency. Because these sites have strict review policies and require legitimacy, reviews are valued. 

6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is another department that you should look for in an SEO agency. As mentioned before, communication is important for both sides to work cooperatively and get success in the end. For this purpose, a well established CRM department should be in an SEO company. CRM works as a pathway between the agency and the client and is responsible for delivering messages and reports across. If the company is White Label, then CRM is a must for effective communication. 

7. SEO Firm that will fulfil your goals 

Find the Seo Company in the UK that fulfils your goals and has the same kind of services you are looking for your project. 

First, outline the purpose and goals of the project. Narrow down the SEO companies with the above six qualities and then if they have the kind of services you are looking for. SEO is a board category with many and many techniques to work with. 

You might not need all of the long lists of services and just need some strong ones. Those services known as KPIs are the metrics that apply to any kind of digital business. In simple terms, older businesses have different requirements than newer ones, and e-commerce has different goals than blogs. For such reasons, each has different goals and requirements. 

Before choosing the SEO company, it is quite important to know that they are on the same page as you are. When it comes to the specific services you want, they are the expert in those and can deliver the required results. Your list of requirements that you decide first plays a key role in finding the best SEO agency in the UK.