How to Verify Google My Business

How to Verify Google My Business

How to Verify Google My Business

Online reviews and marketing are better done with one of the best free platforms today, Google My Business. In addition, the number one online income-generating and new customer acquisition factor for most businesses today are local Google search. Therefore, a verified and optimized Google My Business profile is an essential competitive advantage for your business.

Creating your Google My Business page is relatively simple, as you’ve probably seen in our Google My Business setup guides. However, you cannot publish your page until you verify it as required by Google. So how should business owners then approach the verification process and get their Google My Business account published?

Using the methods permitted by Google, we show you how to complete the GMB verification process in an easy and foolproof way. I will cover the following information in this lesson:

  • Make sure your Google My Business profile is set up correctly to not hit a snag when verifying.
  • your unclaimed Google My Business listing
  • Making sure it was correct wrong details before you request verification
  •  Verify your Google My Business listing
    • Here is an instant verification
    • guide to confirm listing by mail your GMB 
    • You are verifying your email- if eligible, Google business. 
    •  listing By Phone Verifying your Google My Business
    • Verifying your location
    • Bulk verification for chains of stores

What Is Google My Business?

You might have a question: What is Google My Business, and why is it essential to verify your local business on Google. The Google My Business service is a free listing service that ranks as the most prominent site on the internet. Have you ever used Yelp or Yahoo to review businesses? They are no longer the hottest or even relevant compared to Google reviews on Google Businesses.

With a Google My Business listing, your business details will show up on local searches (local SEO), as a local business on Google maps and Google search, and so much more. In addition, a snippet of your business information will appear on Google SERPs and Google Maps every time someone searches the Google search console in a business category related to yours.

Verifying Google Business- Start from The Setup

As directed by Google during setup, you format correctly as required your business address and phone number. A wrongly formatted address or phone number will make it impossible for your business to be verified, depending on your chosen verification method.

Verifying That You Own an Unclaimed Google My Business Listing

You can verify a business on Google My Business in two different ways. An alternative approach comprises claiming a company already listed on Google by clicking on “Claim this business” or “Own this business?” on Google Maps. Then, the correct Google profile snippet appears in Google search results.

If you already have a Google listing for your business through a former employee or user-generated reviews, you will need to claim it and proceed as if you were setting up the page for the first time. Someone will eventually ask you to verify the business using any of the methods discussed here.

Visit and sign in to your Google business account to access this information. You can follow our comprehensive guide for setting up your Google My Business page from scratch until you reach the verification page.

Google My Business Verification Methods

Your Google My Business account offers about four different verification options that depend on your business type, your physical address, and your business category. Some brick-and-mortar businesses require a postcard confirmation, especially if they are retail businesses. Besides establishing location details via email, phone and entering a verification code, other methods are available to verify location details.

These options My Business verification and enabled are generated by Google automatically. Verifying your business can only be done by postcard. 

What is Google Search Console, and how do you verify your business website?

Google search console, formerly called Google Webmaster tools, is a tool for verifying business websites on Google and managing key search and ranking-related aspects of those websites. For your business website to be ranked, you do not need to verify or register it with the Google search console. Adding your business to the Google Search Console will help you fix issues that may affect your search rankings, indexing, displaying your backlinks, and improving your site’s responsiveness on mobile devices.

Verify your Google My Business listing instantly by following these three simple steps if you’ve verified your website on Google search console:

The first step

Log in to your Google account with the same email address you used to verify your website on the Google search console.

The second step

If this is a new listing, go to and follow the setup process. Add your Google My Business listing to Google maps.

The third step

In Google My Business, you can instantly verify your business once you reach the verification stage. These options are most appropriate for businesses that operate entirely online or for those that do not have any physical locations.

Verifying Your GMB Listing by Mail – Postcard

Local businesses mostly use the postcard or mail-in verification method as their second method of verification. Google mails a postcard containing a 5-digit code to your address as a way of verifying your account. This code will then verify your Google business listing and have it published.

Suppose you’d like a postcard sent to your home address. Click the post button and enter the contact information.

If you want to verify your Google My Business listing by mail, you can do so in two ways. When you complete the setup, you can add your mailing address and ask for a postcard, or, as shown above, skip the step and add it to the Google My Business dashboard. It is important at this point to enter a properly formatted physical address. Otherwise, you cannot verify your business with Google.

If you have received the postcard, you will see a 5-digit verification code printed in bold. Please enter the code in the text box below the address, as shown above, and click on verify. Google will verify and publish your Google My Business page for free if the code matches the business account! Create posts, respond to reviews, let people know you need a review, create a call to action, and so much more to optimize it for rankings and reputation.

You’ll need to choose the correct location you want to verify if your Google dashboard has over one business to verify.

Mobile Postcard Verification

There is also a Google Business app that comes with Google My Business and the desktop dashboard. Verify your business on the app by following these steps:

  • Launch Google My Business
  • On the home screen or in the menu, tap the Send postcard button.
  • The third step involves choosing one of your businesses from among those you have registered.

Follow steps 4 and 5 to verify your business. Once the postcard arrives, you can use the app to enter the 5-digit verification code at the business and verify your business.

Verifying multiple businesses is time-consuming. Instead, use Google’s bulk verification method.

Verifying Your Google Business by Email – If You Qualify

If your business is an online business and you don’t have a physical address or service area, you can verify your business through email. You might verify your business through email if Google believes it’s enough. Towards the end of the Google business builder setup, you will find the email verification option. You can follow the steps below to quickly verify your Google business:

Step 1- choose to verify by email or to visit the Google My Business dashboard and click the verify button.

Step 2- Wait for an email to arrive in your inbox- the one you used when registering.

Step 3- If you receive a verification email, simply click the verification link. You can enter your verification code on the dashboard to verify your business if your mailbox does not support live links.

How to Verify Your Google Business by Email on Your Mobile Device

Using the Google My Business mobile app, you can also verify your business through email by following the following steps:

  1. Launch the Google My Business app and tap on “send email” on the app home screen.
  2. Google will use the email address you used to register your business to send a verification email.
  3. Find the verification email and use the 5-digit code to verify your business by tapping on “enter code” and submitting it on the app.

Verifying by Email on Mobile, Your Google Business

  • You can verify your business via email through the Google My Business mobile app as well:
  • On the home screen of the Google My Business app, tap “send email”.
  • Google will send a verification email to the email address you used to register your business.

Once you tap the “enter code” button and submit your app, you will verify your business by entering the 5-digit code from the verification email.

 Your Business Verifying by Phone

It is possible to verify your Google My Business account by phone call for some business types. Verify your small business by following these steps if you see this option on the verification page.

Whenever you have over one business linked to your dashboard, click on verify now (be sure to select the correct business to verify).

Your phone will text you a verification code if you choose Verify by phone. Verify your small business using that code.

Besides managing multiple accounts, verifying them can be time-consuming if you have other marketing projects to handle. If you struggle, business owners can use the software to manage and optimize their Google My Business listing for success in GMB marketing without having to deal with the manual process. Our GMB automation software can automate optimizing, verifying, and reviewing Google My Business accounts. Business owners can use the software to manage and optimize their Google My Business listing for success in GMB marketing without having to deal with the manual process.

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