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How Do You Optimize an Image?

To do SEO is not just Individually customized websites and articles. Just because of the Image SEO Optimization, it is hard to help build traffic to users of this site, and we have more and more the same. To do SEO image is a photo on the site that appears on page 1 of Google itself because of users or customers most likely to purchase goods and services from the beautiful pictures. Reliable: If we can get our website’s images to be where customers see more quickly, we can increase the number of traffic. Google Image SEO Optimization And your business opportunities will increase as well, which makes Image SEO rankings. Searching on Google consists of 3 steps:

Doing Image SEO Step 1: Submit Sitemap

Is to let Google know what pictures are on our website. How many pictures do you have? And what does each image relate to? By Submit Sitemap To Google, Sitemap is like a table of contents that tells us what URLs our website has and what content on the website, then Submit Sitemap to Google for Google Bot to come in. Inspect the content of each URL to see what text or images are available. There are two types of Sitemaps:

Default Sitemap is a Sitemap that contains just the URL of the website.

The Extension Sitemap contains both URLs and descriptions of what types of files are. Suitable for websites that have a large volume of URLs, such as e-commerce sites. SEO Image Optimization Because when a lot of pictures Google Bot’s data collection difficulties are also tricky. Causing some photos to be dropped Until the results can not be displayed on the search, which is doing Extension Sitemap, it will help Google Bot collect image data more quickly because each URL has all the details.

Image SEO step 2: optimize images

Is to make the desired image appear on Google Image Search by adjusting the image as follows

Customize the Alt Tag or the characters that describe the picture. This is what Google considers what this image is about. Entering the keywords that you want this image to appear on And avoid keyword stuffing will confuse Google. Then be brought to the bottom of the list.

How Does Image Optimization Work?

Position the image correctly by surrounding with the topic or text that is the keyword of the web. It will increase the opportunity for that image to appear on Google Image Search more.


Image SEO step 3: check images on google

What Are Optimize Images?

Check it in Google Search Console by visiting your Sitemap. And see how many images have been submitted and indexed. If there is a sufficient number of images that have been indexed Shows that Google can come in and collect image data

What Is the Best Image Size for SEO?

Check-in Google Image Search by visiting Google. Then type the search term that site: www. (site name) .com Which; if the results show many pictures And with an image that we have made, it shows that we did it right.

And all of this is how to do Image SEO to rank in Google searches. It is another SEO Method that will help our website be pushed to the point where customers will be able to see it more quickly until it can increase the traffic to the website.