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Introducing Free SEO Tool

Introducing Free SEO Tool

Believe that many people who do SEO have to rely on a variety of tools, programs, and measurement tools, etc., sometimes open alternately until the eyes are dizzy. Many people may not know that the popular Internet Browser like Google Chrome has one function that makes your SEO more accessible and convenient. That function is to use an extension.

Extensions for Chrome are beneficial for those who want to monitor stats or check various web pages because SEO Extensions are so many. Some of them can be said to speed up our work. Reduce steps Can get a lot, So we have gathered tools that we think will be useful for SEO People to leave each other with both in-depth. And viewing basic information If anyone is interested in which one, you can click to load it. I already put a link at the end of each one. 

Lighthouse Extension – Speed ​​Reports

This tool is used to view Page Speed ​​to optimize the page. It shows scores in Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO Score for that website. It is quick and easy. But the disadvantage is. There is no export function to report this output as a file. Instead, it will open a new chrome window.

Link: Lighthouse Extension

Web Developer Plugin

For this one is quite technical. Users must also have basic knowledge of the code. But this plugin is handy. This is because users can immediately deactivate something like sure JavaScript or highlighting broken links on the page. Categorize HTML as well. If someone is technical in-depth and wants to analyze the technical problems on the web page itself, This plugin also displays the code. And when the user presses it, it will immediately bounce to that area.

Link:  Web Developer Plugin

Google Analytics Debugger

If you don’t mention this one, Google Analytics Debugger will allow you to check the code on each page to determine what code is wrong or not working or what is wrong. This is considered to be very convenient for checking any errors on the website. But this one is a bit technical in-depth. The user must know quite a bit about the code.

Link:  Google Analytics Debugger

Observe Point – Tag Debugging

This is another handy tool for analytics lines because Observe Point checks the tag on that page. With the complete details that Are there an error in any tag, or how does it work? And then we gradually go to modify it again Considered very convenient.

Link:  Observe Point

SEO Minion

This tool is one of the most popular tools that many SEO makers use because SEO Minion is easy to use, uncomplicated, and has much information. Both check links, On-page, SERP Preview, etc., which are considered complete. And can be used for further analysis as well.

Link:  SEO Minion


Top tools that are most popularly used as one of the tops for SEO makers, which is the highlight of SEOquake, many parts stand out is showing ranking websites from major databases such as Alexa, Google, Bing, etc. The keyword on-page density is analyzed for a comprehensive view. To adjust the SEO On-Page longer, including checking the backlink and internal link as well, called this one, it is quite the end And complete machines.

Link:  SEOquake


This one focuses on the web analysis itself. Or competing websites Most of them are used for checking web ranking using SimilarWeb’s database, which the data shows is considered a lot. And fine enough, By displaying both global and domestic website rankings, we can analyze the number of users visiting the website, user origin, bounce rate, time spent on the page, and many more further. This one should be attached.

Link:  SimilarWeb


This one is used for checking the DA / PA score of how a website is scored, which DA (Domain Authority) is the entire website score, while PA (Page Authority) is the score of each page on that website, which is DA / PA score. It is one of the crucial factors that affect the SEO of the website as well. More important is that people who do SEO will score. This is the time to create a backlink with this. It is recommended to be placed on the data DA / PA more. Read the “DA / PA is” to understand. Up

Link:  MozBar