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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is an SEO that focuses on a particular area. Or choosing to do SEO with Keyword + areas itself is a strategy for a small shop. Or local Business That we will take to fight the big web

For example, your Business is a furniture store. If you choose to do the keyword “furniture store”, sometimes getting this Keyword on the first page of Google may be too difficult. We may fix a new SEO strategy game by making a keyword “furniture store + with our store location name instead.


  • Furniture store Ladprao
  • Khon Kaen Furniture Shop
  • Ladkrabang construction materials store
  • It means that customers in other provinces can’t find the word on Google. Our store is fine. Ask local people to Search and find our shop. In this way, we will learn that doing Local SEO works.

Therefore, the principles of Local SEO, On-Page SEO adjustment are not different from general SEO, but add Longtail Keyword, which is area name, county name, province name as well.

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Because doing SEO to get the website on the first page of some keywords, it may be too difficult. But we can make the local Keyword more likely to be on the first page easier.

Example of Local SEO Keyword

Any keyword related to the word shop, factory, company, we can use to do Local SEO entirely.

  • Rent a car + name of the province
  • Air shop + name of province or district name
  • Furniture shop + name of province or district name
  • Photoshop + name of province or district name
  • Garage + name of province or district name
  • Cream factory + name of province or district name
  • Accommodation + name of province or district name
  • Coffee Shop + Attractions
  • Land for sale + province or district name
  • Beauty clinic + province or district name
  • Graduation photo + university name
  • House for sale + village name

How to check if this Keyword has to do Local SEO as well or not

Not every Keyword that we need to do Local SEO and which Keyword should do or should not do, how do we check?

1) Check from the search results page (Google SERP)

You can type the Search you want to know on Google if there is a Google Map displayed on the search results. The example format below shows that this Keyword you need to adjust On the page for Local SEO as well.

2) Check Local SEO on Ubersuggest.

It is to take the Keyword you want to know, Check Ubersuggest, then go to Keyword ideas. If the display of the Keyword has a place name at the end, then this Keyword must be Local SEO.

Local SEO concepts

  • Look at it as a Longtail Keyword.
  • We can do Local SEO in every province. Even though our Business is not in that province
  • Do On-page Local SEO in your own area Do not care whether there are more or less Search Volume.
  • Complete your own Local SEO area, then go to SEO and keep other areas.
  • Google Map is important. Pinning alone is not enough. You also need to customize it at Google My Business.
  • Our website does not have a storefront. Can pin a Google Map to create an image as well

Sign up for Google My Business

Google My Business is a free service from Google that helps local shops and businesses add their business information to Google’s database and to show results when they are searched. 

Google My Business, we’ll call it GMB for short.

First, you need to successfully sign up for Google My Business. By the way, you can apply for Google My Business from Google Thailand at this clip.

After you have successfully signed up for Google My Business, you have to wait for a confirmation letter. That he will send to your store within 14 days

Local SEO steps

From the past topics, we understand the meaning And the cue line of Local SEO already. For this topic, I will talk about the process of doing Local SEO and what point you need to adjust, which we will customize through a tool called Local SEO Checklist.

– Complete Information at Google My Business

Google was born to be Information, so every point he gives us to fill in Google My Business, we have to fill in all fields. As much as we can add to it

– Set the business name on GMB: Business Name + Keyword

Your business name Cannot put the shop name alone; use 1-2 keywords to accompany the business name on GMB as well.

The business name on the GMB, if you only put the name on it, it will get cool. But if you want to do Local SEO, you need to mix together the main keywords of your Business. But choose to enter just 1-2 words should not put more than this Because it will not be clear.

A keyword will be placed first and then appended with Business Brand name or Business Brand name first. And then can be added to the end with Keyword.

Google always wants to be clear, so we have to choose words to put them in order for Google to understand that we are really expert on that side.

– Enter a short description of the Business.

In which do not forget to put keyword keywords into it Write 4-5 lines or more

 Various addresses, write them in detail

Because doing Local SEO is to make users buy things on the shop near the house, so the address should be written in detail, village name, alley name, buy street, write it down completely.

 Choose a business category related to what we do.

Select a business category To suit what you sell Or suit what you do. We can choose a full 9 categories, but you don’t have to choose all 9 categories, just 3-4 of them will do.

– Select service area as the area where our shop is located.

Select the service area closest to your store location.

If many, we have many branches Choose multiple locations But if you choose the region as Thailand This will not result in good local SEO results, we will lose local businesses in that area. Therefore, I recommend selecting it as the main region name. Where your shop or branch is located down

– Enter your phone number and website.

– Include everything that can be entered, such as articles, products, services.

Consider that GMB is like a Facebook fan page. He will have space for us to add content. Update new Information Can go in all the time; therefore, there is an area where we can add content. Let us write it in. Write more, the better.

If you put this Information on how it will be displayed on Google map, you can try searching for the word “Teach SEO” on Google.

Including a lot of topics, posts and services to update Information

 Pictures must be beautiful to look at.

Especially the cover photo. You can choose a beautiful picture to put on.

 Fill a review on GMB.

If there are many customers to help write a review of our store, it is even better. You may need to create a little bit of it yourself. But adding a review, You have to make it smooth. Someone to write a review It must have been in our real position as well because Google will stalk everyone. Whether ever actually came to such a position or not

Local SEO is Longtail Keyword SEO

Therefore, in the on-page section of Title, Meta Description and in the content must include the name of the place, region or province.

 On the Google Map side, go to the on-page, but don’t have to go to the footer side.

On the map side, go down to the content. But should not take the map to the Footer because the Google Map is Iframe, which makes it slower to open web pages. If we put it to the Footer, it will result in other pages. Open the web too slow.

Enter how to get to our shop

– Address is written in detail.

On the web page where you are doing Local SEO, you need to include the address information. Write down details: Village, Road, Soi Khet, Sub-district, District.

 Add maps to various social media.

Where can you put it? Take our map to paste them all. Social media, where there is a place for us to place a google map, let us put all google map links.

 Find your industry listing website (if applicable)

By taking our Business to list on the Listing website, we will earn points in the Backlink section as well.

A listing website is a website that is used to include a list of stores. Where open the area for us to submit can take our website to paste it all.

Find local news sites Contact for listing your Business

In each province, Most often, there is a local news site. You should always reach out to them to post or post a banner and make a link back to your Local SEO page as well.

Make an internal link and send it back to the local SEO page.

There should be an internal link from an Exact-match article sent back to the local SEO as well, for example, Ekamai Beauty Clinic, Ladprao Furniture Shop.

Read more about linking correctly.

  1. What is link building?
  2. Techniques for Internal Link and External Link
  3. A Guide to Effective Backlinks

Make a Portfolio page as listing

Businesses that need off-site services, do Portfolio as a listing, store Local SEO, other districts are to write an article with a village or location Who used to use our business services, adjust the on-page SEO of that page to be complete as well. Or not many competitors, we can do SEO to intercept keywords across all regions.


Doing Local SEO is one type of SEO, but we focus on Longtail Keyword; Longtail is the name of the place or area where our shop is located. Other provincial customers Can’t find our website? But have to make the local people Or in that province Find our website to get the techniques in this article, to be effective, you need to adjust On-page SEO to have quality as well.


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