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What is Most important SEO

What is Most important SEO

Doing SEO is the most important thing?

Write an article to get the green light?

Enter text for 1000 words?

Enter H1 H2 correctly?

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SEO title?

Have an exact focus keyword?

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There are a lot of people who like Facebook?

A lot of backlinks?

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We’ve all done it

but why can’t the rankings move up to the first page

Because of the SEO factors

that I quoted above,

we can do it, and how can they do it?

When everything is equal,

what criteria does Google use?

In judging which website is good or bad

We’ve been watching the voice, right?

Who was the person who made it to the finals, which

was the one the room judges gave the full score of the hundred

But to decide who will win the championship,

he uses the vote from the house

as the main decision.

We may have seen The one who sings the most.

Voice is the best Singing with every beat But not a champion

Because of those things, Is not a guarantee

That you will get the most Vote points.

Most of the time, the person who won the championship

was the one who sang and made the audience

more emotional with what he sang.

Be it happiness, sadness

Pity or depression.

If comparing SEO to a singing contest,

Google is the judge in the delivery room.

Of course, you can create a website to appease Google, and our competitors can do the same.

But when going up to the final, We also need to have Vote points from home.

This is the reason why some websites get on the first page, and some websites don’t get on the first page.

So what is the Vote score in Google’s eyes?

We call this user behaviour factor.

There are three main things which are

1. Bounce Rate: The

the ratio of people who have entered our website and are on one page and then close to

this point, the less, the better.

2. Pageviews per Visitor: The

rate of clicks to view other pages. On our site

3. Time on Site: How

long people stay on our website.

This is the most difficult and most important point of SEO,

because it is something that we cannot control.

Because to have people click in to read, how many minutes to read, finish reading and then click on how many more pages? It is a work of art. There is no formula for that.

Why does the Lazada website get on the homepage?

From the overview statistics on the website of Lazada,

Bounce Rate = 27.20%

Daily Pageviews per Visitor = 7.45 pages,

Daily Time on Site = 11.27 minutes.

This point is the Vote score from home

that will get the website on the first page of Google.

Let’s go check the website for yourself and see how

much Bounce Rate is now. Have people come to the website and have a lot to open further?

How long do people spend reading information on our website?


That we can get Vote points from people visiting the website First, we must have the information that they want to know, design and structure the content. Make people want to keep reading. Make a smooth link to the content from the article to the main page as well.

Which is easy to say, but it is difficult to do that. 😊


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