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SEO Tools Review

SEO Tools Review

What are SEO Tools?

SEO Tools is a program to help make SEO on your website more accessible. Some SEO tweaks may require coding skills, but Choosing to use these SEO programs as SEO tools is the answer to that if you are not a programmer.


Ubersuggest is a website used to analyze keywords to use it as a queue in content production. And use the information obtained to plan marketing strategies To suit your business. Global SEO guru Neil Patel created this tool.

This SEO Tool is free or paid.

Ubersuggest is an SEO program that is not free. Charge for use monthly. Approximately 500 baht per month (7 days free trial) is considered very cheap compared to popular SEO tools such as ahrefs or SEMrush.

I advise you to use Ubersuggest. It is enough for keyword research. Many SEO tools are too expensive. And in most cases, if we buy it, it is not fully capable of that SEO Tool because most of us will rarely use them.

What can Ubersuggest do?

  1. Check Volume Keyword (search volume)
  2. Analyze the traffic of people entering the website.
  3. You can check traffic and keywords per page.
  4. Finding Keyword From Competitor Websites
  5. Check the backlink
  6. Analyze website overview (Site audit)

I recommend you read this article for a user manual: Ubersuggest, the cheapest and best keyword search engine right now.

Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Traffic Rank is a website quality measurement tool and website ranking. The Alexa ranking is not an official ranking from Google, but we can use data from Alexa to analyze your overall picture. Or the competitor’s website is good or bad.

It is well known that SEO for each keyword has different difficulties. Some are easy to fight, some are difficult to fight, so I would like to compare SEO to boxing. Which will be divided into different models according to body weight

Likewise, if we are competing with someone else’s SEO, we need to know our weight. And the weight of the competing web site That they are at a similar level to be able to fight with each other Like we are going to fight We are little small Will skip generations to fight with the heavyweight giants (Heavyweight) that weigh 100 kilograms, probably won’t be able to fight, is probably being knocked from the first round.

But we don’t need a Paid Alexa. We can use the free website analysis function through Chrome Extension for free.

 Does Alexa Traffic Rank work?

Alexa Traffic Rank is not measured solely by the number of traffic. But he ranked the web by three central values ​​, which are

  • Bounce Rate is the ratio of people entering our website. It is just a single page, and close to this point, less is more Read more: Techniques Reduce Bounce Rate.
  • Daily Pageviews per Visitor is the number of pages people visit. And continue to look at this point, the more, the better it Shows that our website has exciting content.
  • Daily Time on site is the average amount of Time people spend on our website. The longer he stays on our web, the better as well.

Therefore, a website with a high ranking value (a small number) does not mean that the website has a lot of traffic alone, But it means that the web has a balance of the web (the above three criteria are good), making Google see that the web is of that quality. It can rank lower than the web with tens of thousands of traffic.

Mozbar (Chrome Extension)

MoZbar is a machine that checks the On-page SEO structure, the top (Header) of our website is like a checklist. Check the writing of Title, Meta Description and check writing of H1.

Mozbar Extension is an SEO tool that we can use for free.

  1. What can Mozbar check?
  2. Checklist On-page SEO
  3. Check Alt text
  4. Check Internal / external link
  5. Check index/index
  6. Canonical check

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a plugin that optimizes technical SEO for Google’s keyword search. But he will help us check our web page content structure list by using traffic lights to indicate that our article structure is good enough or not.

  • On-page SEO Optimize 
  • Create Knowledge Graph (schema)
  • Create Sitemap XML 
  • URLs on every page Create canonical. 
  • Fix Canonical with duplicate content 
  • Fix Content with Noindex
  • Redirect Function (premium )

Yoast SEO Use free or paid.

There are both free ones. And a waste of money, I recommend that you choose Yoast SEO that is free.


Imagify is a plugin that compresses images to be smaller but without loss of sharpness. Along with the ability to convert standard images Can be a Webp type image as well.

Google puts a lot of emphasis on Mobile-Friendly websites: they have to be loaded quickly. And displayed on mobile The web is slow to load. Most of them are caused by images that are too large. Because of the images that appear on the web, we do not need to take them out and print them. The resolution of the image should be shortened to suit the display on the website as well.

Therefore, the pictures that we upload to the website Will be width x length As much as you can (Depending on the web page design), but the size of the image file must not exceed 200 kb, which we should compress the file from the design of the image.

Wp Rocket

Wp Rocket is a plugin that will make your WordPress Site load faster. And the steps are elementary to use. Without any technical knowledge required, you can customize the web in a comprehensive technical manner.

Abilities of Wp Rocket

One Wp Rocket plugin offers all the necessary customization capabilities to make the web load faster.

The image is too small, doesn’t look clear. See the full Wp Rocket capabilities at Wp Rocket Features.

The main functions of Wp Rocket are as follows.

  • Do the page caching.
  • Cleaning Database
  • Minification / Concatenation
  • GZIP Compression
  • Lazy Load


Whatsmyserp is an SEO Tool that checks keyword rankings on Google.

Is Whatsmyserp Free to Use?

We can use this SEO tool for free.

Whatsmyserp capabilities

You can check website rankings for ten keywords at a time. You can also check web rankings by device, desktop and mobile.

To do SEO to be effective, we need to know the status of our website and Google. Web ranking checks. It is a good starting point for planning to do SEO to be effective.

Google page speed insight

Doing SEO is to make the website better than the competition. How beautiful is his website? We must be prettier. How good is his web content? We have to be better. Likewise, how fast our competitor’s web open? We have to open earlier. There are many speed check tools. But I advise you to check your speed through Google page speed insight.

To check web speed, we have to look at two parts:

  1. The feeling of opening the actual website on mobile does not take more than 3 seconds if possible; your website has passed the SEO speed criteria.
  2. Look at Google page speed score; we don’t need to get a total 100-page speed score. Just don’t give it below 50 is enough.

Because the page speed rating is high, it is not a guarantee that opening the actual website will open fast, which Google pays attention to speed from user usage. When opening the web is the main.

Google Search console

Google Search Console is a free service from Google for examining the indexing of search queries on your website. It helps us understand how Google views our website. To use that information to improve the web to be more suitable for search results.

Installing Google Search Console

Google Search Console implementation via Google analytic

Installing Google Search Console through the Yoast plugin.

Installing Google Search Console via HTML tag placed at the Header.

An example of the measurement we can get from Google Search Console

  • Queries and clicks our site has been clicked on.
  • Which keyword most clicks to our website?
  •  impressions vs clicks (CTR) Average 
  • The rank of keywords that appear on the search results page.
  • How does our website have a good page, how bad it is, etc.?

The statistics we get from Google Search Console will help us understand how Google views our website. And take the information obtained to improve the web To increase the opportunity for our website to attach to the first page more quickly.