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TikTok for Business

TikTok for Business

TikTok For Business Reveals Strategy Tips for Summer and Rainy Season Marketing That can create content without restrictions By targeting 4 user groups…

Latest TikTok For Business, Hot Digital Marketing Solution It offers valuable insights into the planning of digital marketing strategies on TikTok to increase opportunities for brands and businesses during the upcoming Songkran and Summer season. According to a 2020 Nielsen survey, Thai people spend up to 6.08 hours a day on their smartphones. It was up 59% from the pre-COVID-19 epidemic of 3.51 hours a day spent on smartphones. This also includes the behavior of people who prefer to communicate and share happy moments through the creation of short video content on the short video platform TikTok.

If you analyze the reason that TikTok is so popular, it is because TikTok is a fun platform. Moreover, with a platform that allows users to create content without limitations. Including the equal opportunity for creators to

broadcast content into a viral trend in TikTok, TikTok For Business offers a way to target users in the summer and rainy season that will To this point, through 4 target groups as follows

• Mass: Because Songkran Festival is a festival that all Thai people have been waiting for. Because it is a festival of happiness, celebration and also an important long holiday in the year It is also a festival that offers both traditions and fun of splashing in the water. And summer is a time when people enjoy life outside the home. And there are also many outdoor activities that people are popular in this period. This will provide an opportunity for brands and businesses to create a wide variety of content and campaigns to target mass audiences in an interesting way.

• Family Group: Because April 14th of each year is a family day. And summer is a time when people often spend time outdoors together. This is another opportunity for the brand to communicate with the family group. Either in the form of showing love or in various family activities Which brands can use this opportunity to expand their target audience from 1 person to 1 family

Localize Region: During the hot summer months, there are long vacations, making it popular for people to return home to their homeland, where TikTok users often create content related to local cultures or the provinces of their homeland. Brands can use the opportunity as another way to communicate with more niche people.

• Gen Z and Gen Y: Summer during April – May. Every year, Gen Z and Gen Y are off for school holidays and long breaks. This group is the group with the most time spent on a smartphone screen. This is an opportunity for the brand to penetrate this group through activities that can be done at home such as playing games, watching series,