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Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting Services

You might know about website designing and development, but what comes next? How are websites accessible to everyone on the internet? After the development phase, comes the hosting to make it live on the internet. Here we have all the basic information that you need to know about website hosting

Website Hosting 

Website hosting or web host is a kind of internet hosting service where organisations or individuals make their developed websites live on the internet via the World Wide Web. The services are provided by companies known as web hosts. They provide space on a server either leased or owned for their clients, internet connectivity, and data center for their websites to work all the time and efficiently. 

Types of website hosting bristol

The web hosting services vary and are divided into different types for ease. There are nearly ten types of web hosting services, but we will only talk about the main four types of web hosting services Bristol. 

  • Shared web hosting service 
  • Virtual or Cloud Web hosting Service 
  • Dedicated Web Hosting Service
  • Managed Web Hosting Service 
  • Reseller web hosting 
  • Colocation web hosting service
  • Clustered Web hosting 
  • Grid Web Hosting 
  • Home Server

Shared web hosting service 

As the name suggests, the website shares the server along with other websites. A single server can host a few to hundreds of websites simultaneously. It indicates that all the domains on the hosting server have a common pool of resources including RAM and CPU etc. These kinds of services are quite basic, with no flexibility or update in the software or terms. It is a beneficial option if you have a low budget and want to host a basic website because these are cheaper. 

Virtual or Cloud Web hosting Service 

Virtual web hosting services also known as Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Cloud hosting, are much more flexible and expensive depending on the resources needed. This service enables you to select the resources and when you need them instead of being restricted to limited resources or physical servers. 

It allows the website to draw resources as much as they need from the pool of memory, CPU, and storage. In virtual web hosting, there is one allocated physical server and several resources, whereas cloud hosting works on many servers and allocated resources. Moreover, users have access to their virtual space and are allowed to maintain and patch teh virtual server. 

Dedicated Web Hosting Service

In this web hosting bristol services, users own and have full control over the webserver. They do not typically own it. This service provides two options, self-managed or unmanaged, and is considered the least expensive option. In this plan, users have full control over administration, including root access for Linux and Windows, and are responsible for maintenance and security of their own dedicated server. 

Managed Web Hosting Service 

This option is a little different from the above service. In managed web hosting service, the user gets his own web server but does not fully control including denied root access to Linux and admin of Windows. Users can manage their server and the data via management tools. The web hosting companies deny full access in return for a full guarantee of quality services. The reason for such services is to prevent any server modification or configuration issues made by users. 

Which hosting is best for a website? Paid or Free?

Free web hosting services are popular these days because who doesn’t love free stuff. However, if you want to personalise the website with coding and host a personal website, then the paid is a much better option. They offer a wide range of services that work great in your favor with much security. 

Using free web hosting services for your business is a risk and not recommended at all. If you have a blog or a small website for any purpose and low on budget, then you should opt for free web hosting. Otherwise, switch to any paid type as necessary. With the types mentioned above, you can choose for yourself which works best for your business. 

The best web hosting platform Bristol for small business

Small businesses are restricted by set budget limits and few resources. Their focus is to find the web hosting services for their website at the best price and features. There are many web hosting servers available that offer their services at an affordable range for small businesses. Therefore, we have narrowed down the choices to the top two web hosting platforms for small business, which are mentioned below: 

  • Bluehost

BlueHost comes to the top with its best wide range of services. You can find any plan that suits your needs and budget. They offer comprehensive tools, web hosting packages, and many helpful features. 


  • Top integration 
  • Best value for money 
  • Unlimited domains, websites, and storage. 
  • The free domain name and Google My Business verification for a year
  • Different hosting plans 


  • Not good enough for an e-commerce website


  • WordPress 

WordPress Engine is among the many hosting services provided by WP. It is the best platform for CMS web hosting bristol services. The platform takes care of your website completely and you only need to manage the layout and content. 


  • Simple features 
  • Excellent service, security, and speed 
  • Managed web hosting service 


  • Expensive 
  • No email hosting and domain registration


How much does it cost to host a personal website?

In the UK, website hosting services can range from cheapest to expensive, depending on the services you need and how many visitors you want to have. If you want extra services like Website Maintenance Services, backup, security, and so on, then they will charge extra. The costing also varies depending on the provider and scale of services. Below table is just an estimation of costs across four types of Website Hosting Bristol: 

Type of Web Hosting Estimation of average cost in the UK 
Shared Web Hosting £5 – £10/month
Virtual or Cloud Web Hosting  £20 – £400/month
Dedicated Web Hosting £70 – £200/month
Managed Web Hosting £60 – £250/month