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SEO Reseller Servies

SEO Reseller Servies

While working in the digital industry, it has become important to know about SEO. If you are offering such services and your client asks for SEO too, but your agency does not specialise in SEO then there is a solution for you, Reseller SEO. Instead of hiring a whole SEO Consultant team, you can just acquire the best SEO Reseller UK services at a set price and satisfy your client. 

Who are SEO Resellers?

SEO Resellers refers to an agency that gives SEO services to other individuals or companies. They work as a team of experts to provide different SEO services in a single package you can buy and sell to your clients. It gives you the advantage of saving the cost of hiring your team. Therefore, whenever your company needs SEO services for clients, they can buy the services from SEO Resellers who have experts in different fields to do the work for you. 

SEO Reseller Services

The services provided in SEO Reseller packages have quite a long list. These can be pre-decided, or you can ask for certain services and make a customised package. We will only talk about the basic and important few that every SEO Reseller offers which are mentioned below. 

Content development 

The content needs to be optimised with the guidelines set by search engines such as Google. If you want your content to be seen and rank your website higher in results, SEO consultants can help you do that. The service includes analysis and optimising content with the proper strategy and allows it to perform better. 

Link building 

Link Building is one of the important aspects of good SEO. It helps improve the ranking by generating traffic from inbound links to the website. The SEO consultant takes action by improving backlinks on your website and increasing the chances of ranking higher on search results and generating a good amount of traffic on the website. 

Guest posting 

Guest posting is quite a useful technique for attracting traffic to your website. It involves writing a blog post for another website and inserting a link to your website in the content. SEO consultant helps to write and publish guest posts on other domains to build relationships and links between the websites. It is helpful because it targets the existing audience and uses it for advantage while also improving the ranking. 

Keyword Optimisation 

Finding the targeted keyword related to your content is important and here the SEO consultant comes to help. The content optimised with proper keywords has much higher chances of ranking and generating traffic. On the other hand, choosing unnecessary keywords make your blog to be abandoned with no traffic. Therefore SEO Reseller packages offer keyword optimisation for better performance. 

Content audit 

It is one of the first services that a client asks for. A content audit is an analysis of the website’s every content from the written main body to URL to HTML code, etc. By doing a thorough website analysis, an SEO consultant gets to know your website’s current state and then plans a strategy package to improve the weak points. 

Project reports 

Last but not least, detailed project reports are included in the SEO Reseller services. At the given decided time, whether weekly or monthly or at the end of the project, a detailed report is presented. It is to show what areas are working great and what needs improvement with different strategies. The reposts help focus on the plan and improve with the changing algorithm. 

White Label SEO vs SEO Reseller 

White Label SEO refers to hiring an in-house individual or company that provides services to your clients. White Label SEO and Reseller SEO are two terms that are often used as synonyms. However, both have their visible differences in work and rules. The main difference between these two services are as follows: 

Project Strategy 

In the Reseller SEO package, the client is given a pre-set plan with a decided to-do list beforehand. The strategy is not the same in every package, and lots of hard work goes into developing different strategies depending on the project. Whereas in the White Label SEO case, the company gets the advantage of strategy support and can get involved in the process. 

Team Access 

White Label SEO partner gives you the advantage of access to the team such as project coordinator, manager, etc. They help you keep track of the project and give you reports to track success. The team works internally and helps identify new opportunities and communicate with clients. Whereas in the SEO Reseller package, there is no access to the team. You buy their services without having direct contact with the team. 

Information and Support

In SEO Reseller, there is not enough support and information on what part of the project is on-going or related stuff because you do not get access to the team. You only get delivered work after it is done. On the contrary with White Label SEO partner, you can get any information you like about the project process and better understand the on-going SEO strategy. 

Pricing and margins 

In terms of pricing, SEO Reseller Services are somewhat cheaper compared to others. These reseller packages are defined and low cost because of the one-client strategy and paid just for the bought services. In White Label SEO UK., you are hiring a whole team instead of an SEO package which makes things expensive. 

Ease of Sale 

Both Reseller SEO and White Label SEO work differently with their own rules and thus, often have different results. The SEO Reseller packages are pre-decided, and you know what services you will be getting and what will be the result without getting involved. 

In White Label SEO, you and the client are directly involved with the process, which leads to a lot of strategies, and in the end, the result might come out different than the decided one.