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What is a Backlink

What is a Backlink

A backlink is a link from another website to our website. We can create links ourselves or have others create links pointing to our website. You can see it in Google Search Console (go directly to the Links menu), and it’s free. You can also use other tools like Ahrefs to check your backlinks.

In the past, backlinks were What is a Backlink an essential part of search engine ranking. This is why SEOs try to get as many links as possible to their target websites. This will help the website appear on page one quickly. However, Search Engines like Google have developed algorithms to deal with low-quality links, so link building in the present era should focus on quality over quantity. Including -page optimization.

What are relevant and quality backlinks?

 Links from reputable websites

An internet site’s reputation determines its credibility. Regarding traffic (for more informationMoz measures domain authority as Domain Score (DS). As a result, it shows that the website is very trustworthy.

✔️ Websites related to this topic

Our website should link to a website whose content is relevant to ours. To get a link like this for free, you must use content from our website. to get a link like this for free. It should start from writing quality content on our website. Or if you want a shortcut way, you can contact us to buy space from websites you want. You can post content and we’ll link to our website.

✔️ Adding people to our website through a link

Another good link is one that points to our website from another website that can increase traffic. Having real users on the website that links to us shows that the site is legitimate. Our website is relevant. After having clicked, the user has exited. In particular, “DoFollow” backlinks, which can also improve our SEO rankings.

Should you avoid certain types of backlinks?

✖️ The program automatically generates links

Link building automatically generates a large number of backlinks for websites. We will rank it in Search Engines in a short time. Automatic link building is a violation of Search Engine rules, in addition to being ineffective. Our website could also suffer a drop in search engine rankings.

The recommended approach is:

You should create links by writing quality content (Manual Link Building). If it is posted on a relevant website, it will benefit the reader

No-quality links from Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

ISBN (Internet Blog Networks) are private networks of websites. Older domains with high trust scores are used. We have links on each website to increase the search engine ranking of our website. With the ability to manage content and links, you can create a unique website. In this case, however, if the PBN is a poor quality site whose sole purpose is to fire links, there is a chance that Google will ban those sites, and possibly even harm our main site.

The recommended approach is:

PBN should have quality content. Readers of the blog will find it relevant to our main site.

There are a lot of no-follow links

NoFollow refers to a link to another website in web design. We do not want the Search Engine Bot to follow us so that it can collect data, that is, we do not want to send our SEO scores to it, that we can check from HTML, which has a rel=”no follow” code attached to it. (Links are usually DoFollow and don’t have a code).

Links will be mostly from social networks, including comments on websites like Pantip or blogs. There will be a NoFollow to prevent spam or with the intent of increasing SEO scores. Thus, making NoFollow links in a large number of unusually large numbers may be regarded by Google as spam as well.

 The recommended approach is:

Before posting, you should check whether the outgoing link is NoFollow or not, and if necessary, create a NoFollow link. If they generate traffic or have clicked, NoFollow links can be considered good backlinks for SEO. Continue reading.

Social bookmarking links provide many useful links

Social bookmarking is a social network that allows you to post links to our website. Users can save their favorite website pages using this feature. Collect information into categories. Links between related websites can also be shared with others. Our website’s SEO score was also built through social bookmarking. Making links from Social Bookmarks, which will result in too many no-follow (including follow) links, which can be seen as spam by Google.

 The recommended approach is:

Share links on social networks such as FacebookTwitter, and YouTube that are our own and that we use.

Links from the Webboard

(Discussion Board) A website dedicated to providing discussion forums. Posting messages and pasting links is free. Additionally, there is no service charge. This method is popular for building backlinks. Links from the Webboard are usually of poor quality. Many people want to build links to other websites. There may also be a NoFollow link, especially if it is from a low-quality Webboard and is in a foreign language. Not having content related to our web, the more you have to avoid.

The following approach is recommended:

When you find that it is a good quality Webboard. Provide good content that is relevant to our website. can link for reference.

In SEO, what is a backlink?

An external link connecting two websites is sometimes referred to as a backlink. Backlinks are also called “inbound links” or “incoming links.” Backlinks are crucial to SEO.

What is a safe number of backlinks per day?

The traffic to your website can be greatly improved if you build more than ten backlinks per day. If a person who is just started learning SEO, couldn’t build this count in one day as submitting 20 or 30 submissions only will give a maximum of 10 valid do follow backlinks.

Does it matter how many backlinks you have?

You must have a body of the content on your site so you can build overall authority on the topic and within the niche. … So you see, while data says most websites ranking in Google have at least one backlink, this proves that you can rank for low and medium-volume keywords without any backlinks at all.