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software development

What is custom software development and its process? 

When a company needs an application that fulfils the specific requirements they take on Custom development services from developers who specializes in this field. 

Custom development refers to the process of developing customized software for a specific client. These custom software are different from off-the-shelf software or open-source software.

Custom development can be of two kinds, creating a new application or enhancing the features of any existing application. The custom development can be done by in-house developers or many prefer to hire a company that specialises in custom development. 

Custom software vs Off-the-shelf software

The difference between both is the same as custom made on order with specifications vs readymade bought from the store. Both have their own purpose and user limits. 

Off-the-shelf software is designed to fulfil the need for a worldwide audience who has similar objectives. Custom software is one client based and designed solely on what the client wants. 

Custom software offers flexibility and aims to provide a solution to the organization. Whereas off-the-shelf software is universally applicable and does not require a specific purpose. 

The process of custom software development 

Customized software goes through a proper set of process to get to the final stage that a customer wants. The company providing Custom development services lead through the following process in order to get a successful outcome: 


The first step involves brainstorming the ideas. After the customer lays down his requirements and purpose behind it, the brainstorming begins to bring the concept into the action. This involves going through every option, discussing the best one, outlining them, and focussing on functionality. 

Purpose and Specification

After the concept and outline are ready. The technical and functional specifications and their purposes are defined. Each little to the big specification of software is documented before making it in order to make sure not to miss any bit of detail. 


After all the documentation is done, it is time to design the layout of a software. The design team sketched out the layout of the software to see what it will look like in its final stages. 


After every detail of the custom development is documented and finalized, the real process of development begins. It involves front-end and back-end coding implementations and databases to give the concept a full functioning shape. 

Testing product 

Testing a product is quite essential before finalizing. It is like tasting your cooked meal for a taste before turning off the stove. If there is missing you can add it at the last minute to make the recipe taste delicious. Same case here, after the development stage, the software is tested several times to make sure it is working properly and providing its intended services. 

Training team 

Custom software development services also include training a team of people about the usage of the software. Because such software is made for the first time, it will require a team of people that are trained on using the software. 

Software launch 

Once the testing is done people are trained and software is approved by the client, the software goes live. 

Pros of custom development 

Custom development services have many benefits for you and your company. 

  • Custom software provides the features that usual off-the-shelf software does not have. 
  • The software development just covering the needs of a company brings more productivity and bring an effective solution to the issues. 
  • The cost of custom development does not compare to the productivity it brings, therefore better than off-the-shelf software in terms of cost. 
  • Custom development is a smart solution to the specific needs of a company. 

Cons of custom development 

When there are benefits, there are bound to be some disadvantages. Let’s look at the cons of custom development services. 

  • The cost is the foremost con that most mention about custom development. It can range from a few dollars to thousands depending on the specifications and type. 
  • Designing an entirely new software takes up a lot of resources which can bring the cost up and disturb the budget. 
  • Custom development costs are all covered by the client and they need to be prepared if the total cost goes up to five figures. 
  • Another risk involving custom software is that if the company does not fully address the needs and specification, it can lead to failure and waste of resources. 
  • Custom software needs a lot of changes due to increasing needs which can lead to loss of scope and sometimes different from what it was intended for initially. 
  • Off-the-shelf software is relatively cheap because the cost is distributed among many users whereas custom software has only one user and all the expenses are paid by one. 

Custom development services 

There are many companies that are providing custom development services in the UK for many kinds of business. If your organization needs a custom software you can bid for the work and set the budget in front of companies that specialize and promise such services. The custom development services company takes the requirements, maps out the outlines, determines resources, amount of work and creates perfect software to fulfil the needs of your company. 

The bids or cost are not set. It can vary depending on the length of projects and resources it will consume if you are looking for custom development, do your research and detail meetings with the right company. Choosing the cheapest company is not always the best decision, go with the one that has a history of success and can deliver your need-based software. 

Why do you need custom development services?

  • Custom-developed software is tailored to your business needs 
  • It creates a competitive edge by boosting productivity. 
  • Owing the customized software makes it easy to maintain and use. 
  • Personalized software ensures more security compared to off-the-shelf software that is made for everyone. 
  • Custom development improves business integration and increases efficiency by understanding the specific needs and aligning with the goals.