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What is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a form of marketing by promoting a product or service through digital media. They are able to interact with consumers to increase their sales through various strategies through digital media, which is increasingly popular nowadays as consumers have easy access to these media. And accessible anywhere and anytime. Digital Marketing is also an alternative way to raise awareness for new businesses. It is not difficult to build a broader awareness. In addition, it can reach a large target audience directly, so new brands have a chance to be known. And fast-growing, multi-channel digital marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media will help drive your website to the popularity and get a better position on Google websites or social media, reach your target audience quickly and help promote reach. Very easy to get word of mouth, many channels that can be used for social media marketing are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Capture the chat
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn

Content Marketing

Content has become the most important component in online media production in today’s age of technology. As the saying goes, “Content is King” demonstrates the value of creating quality content. This will help promote the website to be of better quality as well. That way, you can create and distribute “valuable” content to your target audience. With the goal of targeting returning audiences to generate revenue for us, channels that support content marketing include:

  • Blog post
  • E-books and critical articles
  • Infographics
  • Brochures and Books Search online

Search Engine Optimization

Using content for marketing can help you optimize for search engines through SEO and make your website on search pages, thus increasing your website traffic. Some ways to benefit from SEO search include:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Infographics

Search Engine Marketing

This is a form of online marketing on search results pages like Google, Yahoo !, Bing, Baidu, etc. by doing promotions with target customers who are Search Engine users to get to know the website. Your product or service and will make more people use your website and increase your chances of selling products and services, which use PPC (Pay Per Click) to advertise on search results pages. With the cost of clicking the ad text, even if the ad is displayed But if no clicks are made, then no money is wasted on the ad. But somehow, some of the popular PPC advertising systems around the world include:

  • Pay for ads on Facebook
  • Promote via Twitter
  • LinkedIn messages

Affiliate Marketing

This is a new type of internet marketing by using advertising agents, salespeople, distributors, product reviews, and even product reviews by receiving remuneration in the form of commissions from the owner of the product or service, which currently anyone can be an assistant. Sales, because doing an affiliate is very easy, help promote the product on websites or social media that you like.

  • Share via Facebook, Instagram.
  • Share video ads via Youtube.

Email Marketing

Currently, companies market via email to notify members or customers of the company with news, promotions, or special discounts, as well as direct users ’email addresses to the Company’s website.

  • Email information
  • email Follow visitors and download news on the site.
  • Email to welcome new customers
  • Holiday promotions for members
  • PR online

Online publicity is a two-way communication that can convey news such as text, pictures, audio, video, graphics through blogs and websites. Similar to traditional public relations, but done in an online space, connecting to a global network to reach a target audience quickly. Exchange unlimited experiences in any situation, anytime, at the same time, inclusive

  • Online reviews about your business
  • Comment on a personal website or blog

Who Can Do Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing can be used by any business, in any industry, no matter what products or services your business sells. But digital marketing remains consumer-centered. To be able to identify the needs of their visitors and be able to create valuable online content that is relevant to the target audience. However, that doesn’t mean every business should use the same digital marketing strategy as all businesses. Digital marketing for B2B (Business to Business) businesses may not get the same attention as B2C (Business to Consumer) businesses because the statistics of People talking online are not as compelling as B2C marketing, like B2B commerce with a small number of customers. But if you tap the numbers carefully and you will find that B2B businesses have a very high turnover per order, if your business is B2C or a business that sells products directly to consumers, digital marketing is for this type of business. . Because we are able to use online media to communicate directly with consumers through brand social media to announce, discuss and listen to consumers. So that the brand can find a way to meet the needs of consumers precisely.

Why Should Your Business Be Marketed Digitally?

Digital marketing is not only But this helps your business to promote products and services. But also keep customer service online 24 hours a day so that customers feel cared for and cared for. By using social media interactions, brands obtain both positive and negative feedback from customers. For this reason digital marketing benefits brands and businesses. Where regular users can post their opinions through social networking resources. Blogs and websites about your experience using different products and services. Brand satisfaction is completely different from traditional or completely offline marketing. \ N \ n If you advertise in a newspaper, how do you know how many readers you have? Who are the readers? And who are the people from which region? On the other hand, digital marketing can help measure and analyze that information if you are still unsure of how digital marketing can promote your product or service. Feel free to contact us for more information and we can help you create the right strategy for your business.