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What Is Keyword Intent
What Is Keyword Intent

In SEO, keywords make up the bigger part of the search engine marketing strategy. Usage of keywords is considered important when it comes to ranking the page. Keyword intent or search intent is the concept that is used in SEO to research and analyze what is the purpose of the user’s search online.

Search intent refers to the reason why someone searches about a particular thing. It could be either a user is looking for some information, a particular website, wants to buy something or could be anything or a combination of it. Keyword intent is considered one of the initial stages of an SEO marketing strategy because, through these findings, one can use the keywords that their target audience commonly uses and direct them to their website.

Types Of Keywords Intent

Now, what are the common types of keyword intent? Because the purpose of searching on the internet cannot be placed under one category. Therefore the keyword intent or search intent is divided into four parts, each different from others.

  • Commercial or High Intent or Buyer Intent
  • Informational Intent
  • Transactional Intent
  • Navigational Intent

1. Commercial or High Intent

The first type is commercial or buyer intent, also known as high intent because this is the most common purpose of research on the internet. Every user having the internet use it to buy or research something product related. To look up a product or research about a certain issue with product recommendation is the most searched category on the internet. Users even use many other keywords linked to the product to see more information such as ingredients, reviews, feedback, sizes etc.

Examples of  Commercial or Buyer intent keywords:

  • Buy now
  • Best moisturizer for dry skin
  • Cheap computer chair
  • Trendy clothes in 2021
  • Where to buy electronics?

Examples of high intent keywords:

  • Top locations in city
  • Get
  • Want
  • What do I need for life insurance
  • Where can I adopt a cat

2. Informational Intent

As the name refers, this category belongs to keywords that are used for informational intent. This is the vast category that can even cover other types. If someone needs information about a certain thing then he goes to google type the keywords and gets the desired results. The information could be trivial to huge, there is no bound to it. The search keywords can be simple few letters or a whole question or incomplete sentence.

Examples of informational intent keywords

  • Football matches
  • Who is the president of England?
  • Different kinds of insect-eating plants are
  • Directions to the London Airport
  • Basic guide to CSS

3. Transactional Intent

Another common type of keyword intent is transactional that might be somewhat similar to commercial and informational intent. This specific is dedicated to keywords that are used to look up something to buy. When a user is not sure what kind of stuff or which one to buy then he looks up the best products in the category, reviews, cheap models, where to buy etc. Another intent can be added into this type when the user is in the mood of a transaction such as selling his old stuff or want to trade stuff etc.

Examples of transactional intent keyword

  • Best laptops in 2021
  • Reviews of the new MacBook
  • Where to sell old stuff
  • Low price cell phones
  • Best place to furniture online in the UK

4. Navigational Intent

With the advancement of Google maps and its improved services, everyone looks up a place to go on maps. Now you do not have to ask for directions from someone on the road or friends, anyone one can type on Google their destinations and it will show the way on the maps from the current location. In recent years and the coming years, it is the hot category.

Navigation intent does not only refer to lookup direction on road but also on the web. If a user does not know which page of a website has relevant information that he wants, then he types the website name and keywords related to the website to instantly get the result of that page on top.

Examples of navigational intent keywords

  • Directions to a nearby airport
  • Guide to SEO services
  • SEO consultant nearby
  • Facebook signup

Why Keyword Intent Important for your website?

Google for years has been improving its algorithm based on search intent. They rank the pages higher that fits the most based on the keyword that a user has typed in the search bar. Using different keywords generates different results but the relevant keywords sometimes give the same results. It is important for your website to fit into the search intent of your targeted audience.

In 2021, it has become utmost important to use the keywords that your target audience might use. For example, if someone is looking for something to buy they will use buy, cheap, expensive or company name or things name in their search bars. If someone wants services available in their city but do not know where to go then their keywords would include words like local, city name, nearby etc.

So based on the keywords, Google will show them the pages that have used these words in their content and rank them higher with most matched words. If your website has not used such words but giving similar services then it will not rank higher. It is important for your website before the content launch is to study the search intent of their audience and what words they might be using. With this simple trick, you can have a successful website and accomplished SEO strategy.