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If you are a local business then your focus would be promoting your business in the local market instead of focusing on the wider scale. It is hard to achieve a strong brand reputation in the sea full of relevant businesses. However, the local SEO services make the difference needed to put in your website to stand it out and better reachable for the locals. 

According to Google stats, nearly 80% of searches made on the internet focus on local businesses. It means people use local-based keywords to look up some business or relevant information. If your website has the local intent keywords, it will show up in the searches but it is not enough. 

Local searches are different from general searches on a lot of bases. If you want to target the local audience for your website, you need to tweak the changes in your website. Something you may require is listing your business in the directories, optimizing the web content, answering what users are looking for, and many relevant things. Here we come to help you with the website. 

DG-Sol provides high-quality services of Local Search Engine Optimisation. It includes:

  1. Directory submission 
  2. Business profile optimization services
  3. Competitive search
  4. Local keyword research and implementation 
  5. Organic SEO results
  6. Landing page promotion
  7. NAP Optimisation
  8. Google Maps
  9. Local Newspaper and Communities
  10. Google My Business profile page 

 Our local SEO experts craft strategies and campaigns to bring your business to the top of the results and strength online visibility. Having a strong online presence is important as it helps in conversion rate and increasing sales.