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what is PPC


what is PPC

PPC ( pay-per-click) is an online advertising campaign where advertisers pay when a user clicks on their ad. In online marketing campaigns, it is one of the most commonly used advertising methods. PPC puts your business in front of potential customers who are looking for similar services as you are offering. It is not as easy as it looks and one cannot simply put ads themselves on the search engines. There is a thing called Ad Auction. The advertisers apply for the ad auction with their advertisements and search engines use an automated process to check the validity and relevance of the advertisements that appear on SERPs. 

DG-Sol helps your search ads to appear on the relevant searches and bring traffic to your business. Our company has been in the digital marketing industry for over a decade and has successfully run hundreds of PPC campaigns and brought the promised results to our clients. 

We combine different processes to run a successful PPC campaign and bring the promised results. The PPC services for our clients include:

  • PPC Audit

Our professional team has in-depth knowledge of PPC campaigns and they strategically identify the potential ROI opportunities and run effective PPC account audits. 

  • PPC management

We effectively manage your PPC campaigns that include overseeing the spending and managing the overall expenditure. 

  • Optimization

We provide optimization for your Google Ad campaigns as necessary and bring an innovative approach. With our services, you can see visible improvement in ROI for your business. 

  • Advertising 

We provide effective show advertising services where your message is sent across different platforms for the audience to see and attract to your business. Display advertising makes use of contextual keywords and topics to target the audience and scale-out the business. 

  • Retargeting 

Our PPC Retargeting service brings your brand to the front by targeting the users that have already visited your website and encouraging them with new promo ads to come and visit again. We have many methods to reach out to your targeted audience and design the campaign that converts.