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What Is S-Commerce

What Is S-Commerce

Are you familiar with the word S-Commerce, or fully known as Social Commerce? It is online sales through Social Media. Its advantage is that it is through sales that we reach more customers Because it is a shop opened on the social media platform that we play today. Unlike e-commerce platforms That customers have to go to us

I wonder if Why are social media platforms not pausing at all these days? Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and more recently, have heard that youtube will launch S-commerce as well.

I think that when everyone sees the numbers, they may understand better. Why are social media platforms so daring to open up a shop like this due to the non-stop increase in online purchases? Especially during this COVID-19 epidemic, it encourages people to shop online because they can’t leave their homes. According to the survey, 85% of people around the world are shopping online. But which platform? That will meet the most needs for your business Today, and Marketing Ninja will bring you the answer together.

Facebook Shop increases sales with the social media that UK people use the most.

Facebook welcomes New Normal to open advertising space for online stores. Or shopping apps of various companies to be shown on the website

Many people would be wondering since Facebook already has a Market place section, why is it still opening more of the Shop? It’s because if we buy a piece of Market Place, we have to click the link that the shop has put. Right? When we press that link, it will bounce to another page. Facebook sees the frustration at that point, so it is a shop like today.

In terms of use, We can create a storefront like a normal online shopping app for free, and I will give you some interesting features. First of all, sellers can choose an image. And adjust the colour to suit the product itself, customize each other as you like As for those who do not have much power in making artwork Don’t worry, he has ready-made templates to use. And another function that I consider to be a highlight for stores who like to live life That is, we can Tag the product that Lives in order for buyers to press to buy as well. Tell me that it is very convenient.

Plus, customers can also access it easily, both on the website and on the Facebook app.

Who is Facebook Shops?

As many people know, the social media that UK people use the most is Facebook, I think if we open an online shop on this platform, it is probably the most accessible channel for UK people.

If you ask me which businesses should use Facebook Shops, I think they actually work for every business. But it should be a business with complete product details. Has a fixed price And should not be a product that requires an agreement on the price afterwards

Nowadays, honesty with customers is important. The more we facilitate them to put prices and product descriptions for them completely without caching. It has a very high effect on customers’ purchasing decisions.

How does Instagram Shopping post photos to get sales?

IG Shopping, a feature that will help reduce the process of selling products online via IG and also help close the sale more easily and quickly.

The main function is that we can Tag products with names and prices. You can also link photos and information from the website or put your Facebook link in. When customers are interested, just click to view products, they can immediately order. For anyone who wants to read this story in detail, I have written it on this blog, and you can follow along and read it. 

“IG Shopping” Feature helps to increase Instagram Sales.

This IG Shopping feature is not available to everyone, so an account must be approved from IG before it can be used. For how to use this IG Shopping story, I have already written the same. You can go and see more from these blogs.

How to Business for Instagram IG Shopping 

Why use IG shopping?

According to statistics from 2020, IG has 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, 130 million users click on product description tags every month, and around 200 million users. View one brand and business account each day. 

Instagram ads can reach 849.3 million users, and 500 million IG stories are used daily.

Youtube Shopping is coming. Vendors prepare well!

As for Youtube Shopping, it is not currently available. But heard some news That during October, YouTube started working on product tagging to increase convenience, increase its scope, and step into the E-Commerce field to its fullest extent. Viewers will see a list of products when clicking on the Shopping Bag icon and can also find more details of each product. Including videos related to that product 

If YouTube launches this feature And when did you come down to play with the S-Commerce market fully? I can tell you that it is another channel that entrepreneurs like us are definitely worth the investment. With the fact that Thai people today love video content, Whether it’s on YouTube itself, it’s good, or on TikTok.

Each platform has different strengths. Like Facebook can reach more Thai people, But if you want to reach the market, the new generation will choose IG, while those who already have an OA line go through LINE Shopping, then choose to suit their own business.

However, I do not want everyone to leave any channel. I recommend trying to activate all channels. It’s just like we have a storefront. The more we open branches, The makes customers see us more, right? But do not forget to pay a lot of attention to the channels that are like the golden location of the business as well.