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google adwords Vs SEO

google adwords Vs SEO 

What is SEO?

Website design enhancement represents Search Engine Optimization. It is a web-based promoting methodology that centres around getting your site content pertinent to internet searcher questions. This will help you get your position higher on the search engine results page (SERP) or search engine results page (SERP). Natural order

Doing SEO in the right way will help you optimize your website in keywords, content, links, and other technical aspects.

Suppose you optimize these things on your website. In that case, it will show search engines that your website is most relevant to that particular keyword and will deliver results on search pages with relevance and importance in mind, respectively.

SEO is a process done to help bring more people to your website naturally. Your website is ranked in the first position of the search result page (SERP) when your product or service is searched. It will make it easy to reach and convenient for customers to contact you.

 What is Google AdWords?

AdWords is an advertising platform at Google. It was invented to advertise above or below Google search results pages or on Google-related websites. The following is what an AdWords promotion resembles on a Google list items page.

AdWords allows you to target Internet users’ queries and show you a special offer every time they look for a similar product. When a visitor has clicked on your ad, it will lead to your website or landing page.

When AdWords is used for keyword search in Google, your ad will appear with natural search results. Or, as we call it, organic search results.

The search results displayed by Google AdWords have also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) results because you pay for a click every time your ad is clicked.

Below you will see the difference between organic search results and AdWords paid search results.

SEO VS AdWords

The best practice is to use SEO and AdWords to get your brand on top for Internet searchers. Even if you’re in the top position in organic search results, you should consider using AdWords to target people who may not be familiar with your brand.

Here are a few other factors to consider when considering SEO and AdWords.

  1. SEO takes more time than AdWords to see results, but it may rank higher in Google for many key search terms with no click costs. But constant SEO is needed to maintain your position.
  2. AdWords can be turned on and off at any time, while SEO can take much longer to take effect.
  3. AdWords guarantees that your ad will show up on the search results page, while there is no guarantee that you will rank on organic search results pages via SEO.
  4. Search engine optimization focuses on the high traffic watchwords of your site.
  5. AdWords helps you respond to the fast-moving market forces by targeting new words your visitors use in their searches. This may be useful for e-commerce businesses.
  6. will display AdWords ads at the top of the organic listing on some screens. (Especially on mobile phones) This is the area that all users can see without scrolling.
  7. With AdWords, you can use negative keywords to avoid rankings for keywords that don’t suit your brand.
  8. AdWords runs on various websites registered with Google ads, so your site will get more attention.
  9. AdWords is a fast way to generate leads and sales.
  10. If SEO stops ranking, it may reduce the website’s position to A period because Google updates its algorithm all the time.
  11. SEO optimization streamlines the quality and amount of approaching connects to your site.
  12. AdWords will pull traffic immediately from the start of the campaign. This is useful for new websites or services and seasonal products.


You don’t have to choose one or the other between SEO and AdWords. These are two very different tools. But they can be used together to achieve the same goal: increasing sales and traffic.

It is also imperative that users take it into account. Above all, create quality content that is beneficial to your readers. Don’t “over-optimize” for better positioning. You need to create content relevant to your business that will convert your clicks into business.