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Smart SEO Tool is an SEO optimization plugin designed exclusively with WordPress in mind. In contrast to many WordPress SEO plugins, Smart SEO Tool is simple WordPress SEO and intuitive, allowing webmasters to perform basic SEO for WordPress sites. Provide five modules: TITLES&METAS optimization, picture ALT tags optimization, link optimization, robots.txt generation, and sitemap generation are all examples.


  • You should optimize the homepage of your WordPress blog/website by defining keywords, titles, and descriptions for it.
  • Optimize the article page by reading the title, tags, and the first 200 characters (the content) as Title, Keywords, and Description.
  • Independent page optimization-reads the Page title and content (the first 200 characters) as the Title and Description.
  • Use smart optimization rules to improve search results on your website. To learn more about optimization rules, consult the plugin documentation.
  • Optimize the tab results page using smart optimization rules. Details on optimization rules can be found within the extension documentation.
  • Optimize the author page of the tag by using intelligent optimization rules for the author page. Please refer to the plugin documentation for more information.


  • The article picture title and ALT meta description optimization is supported by the setting of picture optimization rules to improve the picture title and ALT meta description of the article;
  • Close or apply alternative text rules for detailed pictures consisting of supplemental and full coverage;
  • It is possible to generate the Alt and Title from a combination of the site name, image file name, article title, and article subcategory.


  • Rewrite the URL to make it more search engine friendly;
  • Support for rewriting WordPress category URL addresses and hiding the default category;
  • Support all off-site links on Page pages and Post articles by adding rel=”no opener no-referrer no follow” to reduce weight loss on the website
  • Support the list of exception domain names for external link optimization, and support for the webmaster to set the domain name address not to perform external link rewriting and no follow optimization rules.

Spider statistics requires the installation of a separate plug-in to track the status of crawled URLs so that webmasters can see which links on their site are 404s.

404 monitoring list data includes the URL address, response code, feedback spider, access time, and operation items (refresh, ignore). The following plugins will also add URL redirection functionality, so stay tuned.


Off-site links that are invalid include all links that cannot be accessed normally, such as 404 status codes, 403 error codes, and 503 server errors. Invalid off-site links not only cause a bad user experience but also affect website SEO optimization.

Webmasters can use this function to specify article type, frequency of detection, and excluded domains, as well as outbound links, so the webmaster can monitor and deal with issues relating to off-site links.

  • Edit and manage robots.txt files and control crawler permissions

Seventh function module: Sitemap generation-used to create sitemaps that are search engine friendly

  • Allow webmasters to quickly generate sitemaps by selecting parameters and switches;
  • Push sitemap updates to Bing and Google;
  • Compared to other sitemap plugins, this plugin’s configuration is easier to understand.
  • Providing Nginx and Apache pseudo-static and URL rewriting rules references so the station can resolve the issue where the plug-in fails to generate a sitemap.

Smart SEO Tool is one of the most widely used SEO plugins for Lightning Blog, helping domestic webmasters optimize their WordPress website for search engines. In contrast to most other SEO tools, this plug-in is easy to use and more suited to the needs of domestic users. With this plug-in, along with popular keyword recommendation plug-ins, Baidu push notifications, spider statistical analysis plugins, and search engine optimization for WordPress, you can achieve twice the result in half the time!


This plugin is currently the easiest to use of all SEO optimization plugins on the WordPress plugin market, but it is also a very effective SEO tool.

Lightning Blog ( wbolt.com ) specializes in the development of WordPress themes and plugins, offering blogs more attractive WordPress themes and plugins. We will also share tips and tutorials related to WordPress.

In addition to the Smart SEO Tool plugin, currently, we have also created the following WordPress plugins:

  • Baidu search push management has over 120,000 historical downloads and installations
  • Best keyword layout plugin-IMGspider-lightweight external link image collection plugin
  • A resource download blog with a social sharing component – reward/like/micro poster/social sharing in one place
  • Optimize HTML code with one-click cleaning of redundant code for reprinted articles
  • WordPress Knowledge Plugin 
  • To learn more, click here!

Please let us know how we can improve WordPress plugins and themes, and if you have any suggestions, we will consider them and introduce plugins and themes tailored to your specific requirements.

How does SEO work in WordPress?

The SEO acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization. Website owners use it to get more traffic by ranking higher in search engines. It’s not about tricking Google or gaming the system.

Is the WordPress SEO plugin necessary?

WordPress plugins and tools make SEO easy, but it still requires some effort. It’s still difficult for computers to create compelling headlines or select relevant keywords, so it’s important to do those steps manually. Does WordPress need SEO? Yes, but plugins simplify the process.

How does SEO work in WordPress?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization is a strategy used by website owners to rank higher in search engine results. It’s not about tricking Google or gaming the system when it comes to SEO.