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5 Digital Marketing Ideas

5 Digital Marketing Ideas

There are many successful examples of digital marketing for consumer businesses. But for Business to Business (B2B), primarily industrial businesses. (Manufacturing Industry) will be able to use Digital Marketing to generate leads and opportunities. (Business opportunity) Is it possible?

The answer is yes, and by doing good Digital Marketing and choosing the right strategy for your B2B business, you will get Leads and Opportunities. To enable your sales team or sales team to continue talking with customers.

In this article, I will share ideas and methods to grow your industrial business with Digital Marketing.

Whether you sell large machines, Sell ​​industrial solutions Or sell various equipment, This article can help you!

Why Should Industrial Businesses Do Digital Marketing?

Before going to the stage of how industrial businesses do digital marketing, I would like to start with the word “why” first.

1. Your Customers are Online.

Statistics from Datareportal show that 75% of Thais (52 million) are online. (social media Access to the Internet )

Of course, your customers are these people.

Even if your business is B2B, keep in mind that your clients, the decision-makers, or the influencers, use technology to connect with their peers through Social Media and search through Search Engines as well.

2. Online Channels are the First Channels. That Customer Will Be able to Get To Know You

In the past, the clients knew your company. You may have to rely on cells to run to get to know or to sell to customers.

But nowadays, the first way to get customers to know your products or services is through online channels such as your website or social media.

If you don’t have an online presence You’re wasting the opportunity for your customers to get to know you.

And the opportunities you lose may refer to the options that your competitors have …

3. Build Trust

During the sales process (This often takes some time for a B2B business) or while the customer is considering your product or service. It is possible for your customers to get to know your company more through online channels.

 There is a news update If your company exists. Regularly Your company will look more reliable than others.

Note: You can find more details about Magnetolabs’ Industrial Digital Marketing service here.

How Should Industrial Businesses Do Digital Marketing?

First of all, Magnetolabs has many industrial clients as well. But I was unable to share customer information because I didn’t ask for permission from the customer. But I will share ideas and methods that work well with customers so that you can take them to study further. And an example that will bring up It will be an example that I think he is doing well from abroad.

1. It Starts With Giving

For industrial businesses. To make customers come to know does not start with Outbound Marketing like advertising. But should start from creating educational content.

This online education can be done in a number of ways. The easiest way to start is with blogging. But if the subject you want to educate is complex, it needs clarification. Or would you like to make it visual Using video content can also help?

An Example Of Starting With Giving


Epic is a company that sells products about Built-To-Print Electronic, where all they do is write educational articles about their products or update their stories. In their industry, through blogs.

2. Collect Customer Information For Nurturing

For industrial businesses. The people who visit your online channel may not be all your customers.

What you should do is screen your customers first. You can do this by making a Lead Generation, submitting a pig, submitting a cat to an eBook, Checklist, or Report that they might be of interest to in exchange for their name, email, location, or company.

Once you’ve got the information, You will be able to consider further whether his position has the power to make decisions. And is his company in the industry, or is there a sales pitch that is right for your product?

Machinemetrics, the company that sells the IoT (Internet of Things) Platform for machines, has produced an eBook titled “THE MANUFACTURING ANALYTICS JOURNEY” for downloaders in exchange for information such as first name, email address, and company name.

3.Email Marketing Still Works

Since most industrial customers are corporations, those companies still use corporate email as one of their primary communication tools.

You use Email Marketing to do Email Marketing. Keeping you updated with your company knowledge or news 1-3 times a week will give you “Stay Relevant” when they have an interest or need for products/services at your company. of your company first have He will think.

Examples Email Marketing 


This is an example of Matrix Tube Service that sells Cutting Tools, where he sends an email to invite people who follow the email to download White Paper to learn more.

4. To Build Credibility, Use Social Media

“use social media Should industrial businesses ?”

This question is asked by me quite often.

In my opinion, Industrial businesses have to use Social Media, because as I said at first, Social Media is one of the first steps that customers take to know or learn more about your company.

But for most industrial businesses, Social Media is not for sale. Instead, it increases the credibility of oneself through education: update news and shows Customer Testimonial.


Dow Chemical is a company that sells products, services, and solutions in materials science (Material Science), posting updates on news and stories. It’s about their people through LinkedIn to consistently engage with followers and increase the credibility of the company.

5. Use Technology in Marketing, Sales, and Service to Help.

Basically, Industrial businesses are businesses that already use technology to help manage the business, but in many places, the technology used is still technology for the back office, such as ERP or other engineering management programs.

If an industrial business uses technology for Front Office, which is a technology related to marketing, sales, and service such as CRM, Email Marketing Automation Software, and Customer Service Software, it will help that industry business to market better online.


Casio UK, an electronic product distribution company, has switched from custom-built CRM to a CRM Platform like HubSpot and is using Automation Workflow to nurture more leads (read more about Case Study here ) to increase sales and reduce mileage. Working time


And this is the concept and method of doing Digital Marketing for industrial businesses.

I hope this article will help you understand, visualize, and lead the way. It can be applied to your business more.

However, from the experience that I have, Industrial team members specialize in industrial business matters. But may not have much experience in doing digital marketing, which if you need a team with experience in doing digital marketing for industrial businesses, I think Magnetolabs can help.

You can go and see more details about our services or contact us for inquiries.