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Create a Table of Contents in WordPress

Create a Table of Contents in WordPress

For long articles Creating a table of contents, Will help readers Saw an important point And easier access to information of what we write. This makes it good for WordPress SEO.

1.What is a table of contents

The table of contents, in the sense of use on the website, is a shortcut that allows readers to Get instant access to the information he wants to know. Creating a table of contents in WordPress we can create as Topics are as important as books. Or as a button

2. Benefits of Table of Contents with SEO

Global SEO guru Brian Dean wrote: Placing a link at the table of contents will help Google better understand our content. And the table of contents is one of the factors of SEO as well.

In addition, if your website has a table of contents And someone came to read And click enough of your table of contents, There are sitelinks on that article page, which will also appear on the search results (Google SERP)

We can create a table of contents in 2 ways:

1) Use the Easy Table of Contents plugin as a table of contents creation tool.

2) Use the Scroll to function in the page builder that each theme has prepared for us. But not all themes have this function.

For writing my SEO articles on the web, I will use the ScrollScroll function that comes with the theme (Flatsome Theme) to create the table of contents.

3. Create a table of contents with the Easy Table of Contents plugin.

Download and complete the installation of this plugin.

Go to the plugin settings, Settings> Table of Contents.

Set usage

Enable Support: Choose which page types you want the table of contents to appear in. Here, I would like to choose to show only the Post.

Auto Insert: Set the table of contents to be inserted automatically.

Show when: Defines how many times the heading has been written until the table of contents is shown.

Header Label: Write the word title of the table of contents that we want to display on the article page.

Counter: Shows the table of contents counter if you want it to be. A number or point Numeric is counted as a number.

Headings: Select the type of headings you want the plugin to use. Bundles arranged into a table of contents.

The initial settings plugin has been completed successfully. Let’s take a look at your article. 

Paste this shortcode in front of the section you want.

Scroll to link: Write the words you want to link back to, such as section1.

4 the title, write the text of the table of contents.

Next, go back to the table of contents section to make a hyperlink. You go back to the text of the table of contents individually, hyperlink and add the text exactly as it was written on the ScrollScroll to link, but add a # sign before the word.

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5. Conclusion

If you want to optimize SEO On-Page Creating a table of contents Is required Because the table of contents is a tool that allows users to easily access the information they want to read. When a user likes it, Google will like our content as well.


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