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How to Use Google Trend

How to Use Google Trend

Using Google Trend

Google Trend is easy to get started. Just go to the website https://trends.google.com/trends/. Choose a country that wants to know the trend. That’s it, and you will be able to see the direction of that country. Which can choose the desired period, such as the daily trend To the annual direction and so on

Related Topics and Related Queries are subtopics related to trending topics that allow deeper analysis like sports trends to find people searching for football. In particular, the competition between Liverpool and Man U can be seen from the related queries found, including the Related Topics No. 1, 2, 4, and 5, which are relevant to the Liverpool team.

Rising is an ongoing popular topic or search term. Represents the growing trend of such issues. The app can apply this to the Topical Content content from the picture. You can see the top topic is gaining popularity continuously in numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5 are all Liverpool football players’ names. This can bring the information of these football players to make Topical Content to catch the trend.

The subregion is a feature that shows the areas of interest in Topic that can be utilized in content creation to support Local SEO, increasing the chances of selling products locally. From the picture, you can see that the areas that are interested in football are Nong Bua Lam Phu, Narathiwat, and Nan (No. 3-5), which can make Content responsive to such areas, for example, including restaurants, watching football, Liverpool vs. Manchester United, etc.

An example of trend analysis is seen in Google Trend.

The benefit we can get from Google Trend is knowing people’s interests. And used to generate business benefits from doing Content on both Topical and Evergreen to creating campaigns to stay current.

Even though you know what people are interested in, the key to bringing Google Trend to use is analysis. To maximize the potential of that keyword trend, The analysis approach can be made in various ways depending on the aptitude. The short-term and long-term trends are different. The purpose of implementing each movement is the other.

For example, the analysis of the behavior of people in 2021 from Google Trend. People pay more attention to learning. By comparing the search behavior on Google between 2018-2021, it was found that in 2021, there were two significant categories of interest, namely the online category and the study category.

When delving into each keyword, it is found that there is something hidden within it that tends to change the searcher’s behavior. People are searching for things that are consistent with their changing behavior. Either in the basic skills or basic knowledge. These behaviors have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, prompting people to modify the “New Normal” behavior.

The trends in people’s search behavior in 2021 can be categorized as follows.

1. Short ChangeChangeChange (Start searching and stop searching when no need) such as making a hand sanitizer or how to make a mask, etc. This ChangeChangeChange is mostly around skills. People are always searching for skill development to remedy situations. Or meet the needs of the moment, Such skills will have stimulating factors, such as drama or social conditions, as in 2021, it is a short-term change. This is broadly consistent with the news of the COVID-19 epidemic.

From the picture, you can see that Keyword: How to make hand sanitiser. There was a high level of search during the first COVID-19 epidemic. Then the search level decreases accordingly. But there will be a continuous search consequently During the news of the epidemic, etc.

2. Long-term changes (Changes to life in the long term), such as studying online or opening an online account, etc.; for this type of ChangeChangeChange. It’s not just people’s behaviour a motivating factor. The development of technology and the business sector That drives ChangeChangeChange at the same time affects the future. After the COVID crisis ended, This ChangeChangeChange remains.

The picture shows that several agencies have adapted their services to cope with this crisis. But what is interesting for this category is ChangeChangeChange taking place, Which affects future behaviour Make people more comfortable Either opening an account online, training, or continuing a driving license. These things in the past had to be done offline only. And when COVID leaves, This changing pattern continues and is likely to be evolved to become more comfortable and responsive.

For businesses, once they know, the trend of behavior changes The next step is to analyze the movement. Are people still searching, for example, are searching consistently throughout the year, or are they likely to explore more every month at the end of the year? For example. When trends are known, they can continue to take advantage of what they analyze?

How to take advantage of Google Trend?

Getting information on what most people care about is an opportunity to do business to meet the needs. But aside from doing business, Google Trend is a more helpful tool. For example,

doing Inbound Marketing by using keywords to do SEO, increasing the chances of people entering the website, creating content on social media to catch up with the trend, etc. The examples of using Google Trend are as follows:

1.Use Google Trend to create Content to stay on top (Topical Content).

Using Google Trend can be used to explore current popularity to generate topical Content, which will increase traffic to the website according to the existing keyword or if it is done on social media. Will increase the amount of engagement (Engagement), etc.

The picture shows that what people are interested in is Football matches between Liverpool and Manchester United, so Content involving both clubs has the opportunity to increase engagement with the audience.

For example, You are a restaurant, a way to create Content to stay on top of that trend could be Content related to two clubs, or about a competition like this restaurant, fan, ghost, the best menu of today, roast duck, or create a campaign to invite both fans to cheer for football. At the shop, Whoever wins, receives the menu to celebrate victory, etc.

2. Use Google Trend to Renew Content (Evergreen Content)

One of the problems with Evergreen Content (Content that never expires) is that the keyword changes; even though the Content still meets the needs, the keyword that people search for has changed. Which day by day, will cover up more Content from other websites Until causing the content rankings to fall steadily

Therefore, it is essential to regularly check your keywords to keep your Content fresh and SEO-compliant by implementing Google Trend, comparing that your keywords have similar keywords that can grow in the future. However, to adjust Content, you should choose to change articles with similar Content.

From the picture, you can see that the keyword “Minimal” used to be popular. But nowadays, the “minimal” keyword tends to receive much more attention, so if you want to renew it for a longer time. You can do this by changing the keyword from the word “Minimal” to “Minimal” and so on.

3.Use Google Trend to do Local SEO

For doing Local SEO, it is to create website content linked to that area, such as province or district, to extract traffic from the people in that area. It makes it easier to increase sales opportunities by using Google Trend to do Local SEO through the Subregion feature, which will show which provinces are interested in the said keyword. Once you know the target interested, you can do it. Content to meet customer needs

From the example in the keyword “Big Bike,” we can see that Chainat Province people pay attention to the big bike. Therefore, if you are the owner of a big bike motorcycle shop with a delivery service, you can do Content about Big Bike and Chainat Province, for example, 5 Big Bike Driving Schools in Chainat Province, etc.