Instagram Ads: How to Set Up and Run Instagram Ads 2021

Instagram Ads Set Up

Instagram Ads: How to Set Up and Run Instagram Ads 2021

Why Do You Need Instagram Ads?

We can name at least three main reasons why targeted advertising on Instagram is indispensable for online promotion.

Reason # 1. Great coverage and excellent response

The algorithm for displaying advertising publications in the news feed of social networks is not a new phenomenon. This format has been used in VKontakte and Facebook for several years. But it is on Instagram, due to the simplicity of the interface and the emphasis on visual content, that it is ten times more effective. And these are not just big words. Instagram ads are 50 to 60 times more responsive when set up and run correctly than Facebook ads.

Instagram users watch ads more closely. This is presented creatively, non-standard and roomy, but this is already a question for designers, photographers, and marketers.

Reason # 2. Mobile traffic is cheaper

Advertising on Instagram is cheaper than on “heavier” social networks. The thing is that .. initially created Instagram for mobile platforms and with an emphasis on mobile traffic. And it is still cheaper.

According to statistics, the cost of a click or lead here is twice as low as in other social networks, and the activity of the target audience is three times higher.

Reason number 3. Fine-tuning the target audience

A feature of targeted advertising on Instagram is the ability to configure your target audience to which accurately. Will show your advertisements. But there is one caveat: full customization of Instagram ads is possible only after connecting the business profile to the Facebook ad account. About this and much more – below.

What Is Targeting, and Where Does Instagram Get Its Data From?

Targeting is a marketing mechanism that allows you to segment Internet users according to specific parameters and form your unique target audience. For example – indicating gender, age, marital status, city of residence, interests, and much more.

Targeted advertising on Instagram has some nuances that you should be aware of. On Instagram itself, users practically do not share their data. Here you cannot indicate your city, marital status, and so on. That is, initially, the social network knows very little about you. Therefore, using only data from Instagram, it is almost impossible to form a target audience. But!

As many of you know, in 2012, Facebook ultimately bought out Instagram, after which it actively integrated the services. Therefore, today, when setting up targeted Advertising on Instagram, it is data from Facebook used. And probably everyone has heard about Facebook’s excessive interest in user data. The social network knows almost everything about us:

  • gender, age, and city of residence;
  • interests and hobbies;
  • Marital status and family ties.

This is just a tiny part of all the data. What’s more, the Facebook app on a smartphone even tracks a person’s movements, and the system knows exactly when you went abroad or went to another city. Setting up advertising on Instagram should take into account all these and other features of the target audience.

What does an Instagram ad look like, and where does it appear?

Instagram ads are shown in several versions – in Stories, in the feed, and the “Interesting” block. At the same time, the ad format can be different:

  1. one image;
  2. multiple images;
  3. Video.

In Stories, by swiping up, you can go to the advertised page (or perform another specified action), and buttons appear in the feed under the post: “Go”, “Subscribe”, etc.

If it is an advertising post, Instagram will mark it accordingly. Thus, users immediately understand that they see ads. By the way, such publications are shown not only in the app but also in the web version of Instagram. However, in the second case, the effectiveness of advertising is usually lower.

As you understand, targeting is one of the priority advertising areas. But besides targeted ads on Instagram, there are a few more alternatives.

Types of Instagram Ads

Advertisers use several ways to Promote Products, services, and personal pages:

  1. targeted advertising;
  2. advertising from bloggers;
  3. Advertising through the exchange.

All of these types of Instagram ads are relevant. And the choice of the priority area depends primarily on your goals, budget, and the specifics of the target audience.

Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising Instagram is an ad format that allows you to select an audience to showcase your offer. Users are determined by gender, age, geographic location, interests, and other parameters. Targeted advertising has many advantages: quick launch, no human factor, flexible configuration, detailed statistics.

It is targeted advertising on Instagram that is considered the only official one. Accordingly, the site itself is the most loyal and supportive of it. At the same time, you need to understand that. Must moderate all advertising materials. And if they do not comply with the rules of Instagram, they will not be allowed to publish.

Naturally, this advertisement is exclusively paid. Although sometimes, in the form of an incentive, Instagram gives users a small amount for promotion. How the “lucky ones” are chosen is challenging to say. But such gifts are pretty standard.


  • flexible adjustment of the target audience;
  • control of advertising and budget;
  • Detailed analytics for the advertising campaign.


  1. Setting up Instagram ads can be difficult at first.
  2. audience coverage;
  3. Ad moderation may take 1–2 days.

Advertising with bloggers

The principle is as follows: the advertiser finds an active profile with many subscribers and negotiates with a person to promote goods or services. A blogger’s audience can range from several thousand to millions of users. And the cost of an advertising publication can vary from a couple of dollars to tens of thousands. The average cost can be calculated using a simple formula: $ 10-15 per 1000 subscribers. But this is nothing more than a basic guideline.


  • increasing trust in a brand or product;
  • fast audience growth if the blogger’s target audience matches yours;
  • The opportunity to place advertisements for free (mutual PR, swap, etc.).


  1. the need to carefully check the blogger for follower markups, the number of advertising posts, the level of audience confidence in him;
  2. incapacity to predict the actual effectiveness of advertising;

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