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Every local business has a priority, ranking above their competitors in the targeted location. In order to achieve the desired results, working on the local SEO of the website is important. Local SEO services in London are based on the tactics that are used to target the audience of a particular location. 

SEO is an on-going and ever-changing process. If you want your business to get local audiences and sell your services efficiently in the area, then a top-notch ROI-Driven Local SEO strategy is what you need. To help you achieve the desired results, we have 5 tips on improving the local SEO of your website and ranking above your competitors. 

  • Get listed 
    • Local Directories 
    • Google My  Business Listing 
  • Optimise Content
    • Local keywords in the content
    • Content-based on local trends and stories 
  • Get online reviews 
  • Strong social media presence 
  • Make mobile-friendly website


  1. Get listed 

The local SEO services in London first focuses on listing your business on the internet in the different directories available online. There are two main categories of directories that your business needs to be listed for better reach. 

  • Local Directories 

In order to increase visibility online, you need to list your business in as many local directories as you can find. These local business directories help greatly in putting your business in front of potential customers, and they also provide helpful information to the customers. With the help of these listings, the customer will easily choose you over your competitors. 

There are two ways you can list your business in directories. One, go to every directory and list your business there by creating a profile on the websites. Make sure that your website is not listed there already because a duplicate listing hurts the ranking. The other method is to make a master directory listing, and it will control all your listings. 

  • Google My Business Listing 

As you know, Google is the largest search engine, and ultimately listing in Google My Business helps your business get huge visibility on the internet. It requires going through a detailed process to complete the listing. Make a compelling profile on the GMB and create posts of events, news, and related content on the profile. 

You can list your business on other directories too, such as Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages, Yahoo, etc. 

  1. Optimise Content

In Search Engine Optimisation Services, optimising the content of the website is given top priority. The ranking of your website in local SEO keywords depends greatly on the content you write and the keywords you use. In order to reach your local customers, you need two approaches:

  • Local keywords in the content

Targeting local keywords that your customers will use while searching for specific services is the key to ranking better on search engine results. The local search engine optimization services in London research what keywords people are using in a certain niche and effectively use the information to target searches. 

It can be done using Google’s Keyword Planner or any other tool. These filter out the keywords depending on the relevant location. When you get sufficient keywords that are relevant to your website, use them in the title, meta description, URL, and main content. Make sure to distribute the keywords evenly and avoid stuffing. One more thing, do not forget to mention the location of your business to get the targeted audience, such as ‘SEO specialists London’, ‘SEO agency in the UK’ etc. 

  • Content-based on local trends and stories 

Write content on your website based on local stories and on-going trends. It is a great way of capturing the attention of your locals and generating traffic on your services page. Some things you can do is write your niche-related stores that are happening around the locality. Create interactive videos and images for capturing attention. Host some contests or events. There are many creative ideas that you can try for improving the local SEO of your website. If you are a London SEO agency, Based in the UK then write content about events happening around or the latest trends or memes. Hoping on viral trends and memes is considered the most effective marketing and everyone take advantage of it. 

  1. Get online reviews 

Whatever business you are running, reviews from clients is the driving force for attracting more customers. Add a feature on your website or services pages where the previous clients will leave stars and personal reviews about their experiences. The positive reviews impact greatly on your business and therefore ask every customer for online reviews. 

According to local SEO services in London survey, approximately 90% of millennials trust the brand with positive online reviews and are recommended by previous clients. Gaining visibly positive reviews after giving them high-quality services is what makes your business to get popular and visible on local searches. 

  1. Strong social media presence 

In this age where social media use is on the rise, making a social media account gives a great boost to your local business. People nowadays make a business profile on social media first before making a full website. local SEO services in London also provide social media management along it because both go hand in hand. 

Making a strong social media presence makes your business become popular in the locality. It also helps your brand look more trustworthy and reliable, whether it is services or products you sell. Make some social media handles for every platform that matches your brand name. Actively manage them or hire an expert who will promote your content on the platforms. Capture the attention of your audience and improve the local SEO of your website. 

  1. Make mobile-friendly website

Optimising your website for mobile is a must. Most of the searches made on Google or other search engines are from mobile browsers. If your website is not mobile-friendly or lag or does not fully load contents on a small screen, then it will hit your local SEO ranking badly. 

Local search engine optimisation services in London offer to make both desktop and mobile-friendly websites for your business. The Google algorithm has shifted towards ranking a mobile optimised website higher than the others and also who loads faster. Making a fast-loading mobile-friendly website generates organic traffic and is the best ROI-Driven Local SEO strategy.