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Improve The SEO Of My Website in 2021
Improve The SEO Of My Website in 2021

Your SEO strategy needs to be top-notch when it comes to ranking your website higher on the search results. Even if you put all the necessary and useful information on your website about your products or services and the contents of the website is not optimized, it will fail to rank. Therefore, if you are looking for SEO ranking solutions we are here to help you with 10 ways that can elevate the SEO ranking of your website.

With the help of these tips, your website will rank higher, get more clicks and make a profit.

1. Publish high-quality and relevant content

It is the first step of improving the SEO of your website. The useful, interesting and loaded with targeted keywords content of the webpage makes it rank higher depending on the relevance. When your page ranks and people start visiting, then you need to worry about dwell time. It is the amount of time a person spends on your webpage.

You need to increase the dwell time of a visitor by writing an engine and longer content that has more information than your competitor. It is shown through the result that a webpage that has more words ranging from 2000 onwards increases the dwell time. The more information you have written in an easy to spot manner, the more time your reader will spend on your website.

Also, when someone bookmarks your website or content on Chrome, it helps in SEO ranking on Google. Make sure to write relevant information that the reader can come back to.

2. Readability

Your content should be readable for your age group audience. Keep your content full of information but written in simpler words, sentences, and small paragraphs. When someone comes looking for information, they will be scared away by seeing long essays written like a thesis.

The content intent on the website is for everyone. Your content should have readability for a high schooler, a college student, and a professional worker at the same time. There is a tool available online for free and paid to see the readability score of the content. You can use those to improve your content and make it stand out as easy to read.

3. Format your page

Format your page with consistent and proper guidelines. The formatting helps the whole page easy to read, increase the time a reader spends on your page and make his comeback again. Here are a few tips:

  • Use proper font size for the main body and head.
  • Make hierarchical headings
  • Bold and highlight the important information
  • Use small paragraphs, make bullets and use proper spacing between paragraphs.
  • Use tools and techniques to make the content interesting and approachable
  • Break the information into subheadings and make use of keywords to elevate SEO ranking.

4. Optimize multimedia content

Multimedia in the form of images, videos, gifs, etc is great for your website’s content. It makes the content more engaging and interesting to read. You need to optimize your website too such as the format and right-sizing. Huge images take a longer time to load and slow down the page speed. Compress your images or resize while retaining the quality.

Moreover, the images should have a proper name related to content or keywords. The title of images also index in Google and increase the relevancy of your content.

5. Improve page loading time

Page loading time is very important for your SEO ranking and for the visitors. If any webpage of your website has a slow loading time due to some reasons, Google recognizes the problem and affects your ranking. The slow loading page leads to increased abandonment rates and visitors quickly move to another website. Approximately 40% of visitors bounce back when the page takes more than 3 seconds to fully load.

Work on speeding up the loading speed by optimizing the multimedia and other content so the visitors keep coming back to your website again and again. In this way, Google will take notice of your website’s popularity and increase your rank.

6. Link Building

You must have heard about link building SEO. if your website’s backlink is weak, the rank will also be lower. Linking your different pages with each other will increase the dwell time on the website and visitors will see different pages for more information.

External linking is as important as internal linking. By linking the authoritative source to your content makes your website rank better because Google recognizes your website as trustworthy. Make sure to include the latest and authentic information and link to trusted domains.

7. Fix broken links

Broken links make your website take a huge hit on the SEO ranking. 404 pages show bad usability and search engines mark them as neglected sites further lowering the ranking. You can use many tools online to test out the broken links in your website and work on its renewal. By keeping all of the links of your website running in a good position, elevate the SEO ranking of your website.

8. Mobile friendly

Nowadays, a large population of people uses their mobile device to search for information. With the fast internet and high-speed mobiles, looking up for the information just taps away. For this purpose, you need to make your website, mobile-friendly as possible. Optimize your website that loads quickly and is easy to navigate on mobile browsers. If your website is not optimized properly, it will lower your ranking.

9. Website layout and navigation

For a website as a whole, the layout and navigation is the most important part. You do not want your visitor to get lost in a maze of your website design. Instead, keep the layout as simple and user-friendly as possible. With a good layout, navigating through pages and finding information is easy for people and increases the dwell time on the website. You can take help from the online template to link different pages and in a specific manner to improve the layout and the SEO ranking.

10. Add contact information

Last on our SEO ranking solutions is, providing proper contact us information. No matter what your niche is, providing proper contact information about your company elevates SEO ranking. After reading your content, people might want to catch up on more or have questions related. If you have not mentioned any contact information, it will make them go to some other website for their queries and you will lose your visitors.