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Roles and Responsibilities of SEO Agency

Roles and Responsibilities of SEO Agency

If your business is in need of SEO for your website, then you must be wondering what exactly is the role of SEO agency Leicester. In order to hire them, you have to completely understand what they will be doing and what to expect from them. Only when you have the knowledge of their roles, you will be able to effectively hire the most suitable for your business. 

To answer your questions we have compiled the basic responsibilities of an SEO company. There can be more or less depending on what exactly you need. The responsibilities of SEO company in Leicester are as follows: 

  • Understanding purpose, goal and objectives 
  • Detail website audit 
  • Keyword ranking and implementation 
  • Backlinking 
  • Competitor analysis 
  • Monthly review and reporting 


  1. Understanding purpose, goal and objectives 

The first responsibility of an agency is to understand the objectives, and goals of the client. SEO Leicester is a wide field and everyone takes from it what they need for their website. The role of the SEO company is to see what their client wants from a website. Before starting any project, narrowing down the goals and objectives serves as the guideline and basis on which the whole project moves to the finishing line. 

The SEO experts understand your objectives and purpose of starting a website and make up the strategy accordingly. Just like every website has its purpose, its marketing strategy is also different from others. Your hired SEO company should be able to come up with an innovative and effective strategy for your website. 

  1. Detail website audit 

If you have an existing website then their role is to perform a complete website audit. It helps identify the current state of your website and see what areas are lacking and needs improvement. With the whole audit in front of you, you can easily know the failure strategies and be able to see the progress from there, by handing over the work to the SEO company. 

The audit of a website includes navigation structure if the website, URL authority, sitemap, layout, content, user experience, site speed and other technical factors. Their job is to thoroughly check each aspect of the website and detect the problems. Once they have the issues sorted out, next comes the process of strengthening these areas. SEO Leicester is a continuous work that goes on for more than 3-6 months. 

  1. Keyword ranking and implementation 

The SEO agency Leicester must know the important and trending keywords related to your niche. Keywords are the primary way of ranking your website online. The agency is responsible for finding those trending keywords with the help of different tools and using them on your website. It is referred to as on-page SEO. As the name suggests, the SEO Leicester done on the contents of the page. 

There is another type, known as off-page SEO. The implementation of SEO strategies that is done outside the website is known as off-page SEO. in this area, a positive and influential ranking of your website is promoted and builds relationships with other websites through backlinking. A guest post is written for another strong domain and puts the backlinks to the client’s website to bring the traffic back to their website. 

SEO company in Leicester also do the keyword analysis report and see the current ranking of your keywords. On the basis of those reports, they come up with a strategy and establish primary and secondary keywords to focus on. It is an important part of the job and the company should be able to do it right. On the basis of keyword strategy, your website becomes successful or failure. 

  1. Backlinking 

Backlinks are the most important aspect of the SEO strategy. An expert SEO agency Leicester should be able to track the bad quality backlinks and build good quality backlinks. It is important to identify poor backlinks because they can hurt the ranking and authority of the website. If the backlinks are not related to your website then Google gets the mixed signals about your business and it results in a lower ranking. 

SEO company in Leicester should be able to eliminate bad backlinks and replace them with quality and related links from authority domains. It further improves credibility along with the domain authority of your website. 

  1. Competitor analysis 

The competitor’s analysis is a must if you want to surpass them. It shows what kind of marketing strategy they are using and what technique and if they are lacking in some aspects. By knowing them you will be able to strengthen the shortcoming and improve your rank. SEO agency Leicester understands your website and your competitors and is able to compare what they have and in what areas you lack. 

The comparison between your website and competitors is on the basis of the size of the website and backlinks. Websites with a higher number of pages loaded with the right keywords rank much better than the others. Moreover, if the backlink profile of the website is strong then the rank will be much better. 

The backlinks are often manipulated and it makes the website rank for a little time but when they get hit, it falls to the bottom of the rank. Therefore when hiring SEO agency Leicester, make sure they have a strong portfolio and a strong backlink strategy. 

  1. Monthly review and reporting 

At the end of the month, they have the responsibility of making monthly reports. They conduct analysis through Google Analytics and do website metrics analysis and record the progress. With effective monthly reporting, clients can scale the progress and be satisfied with the work done. It also shows the credibility of the company and communication skills. 


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