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What Is Google Ads

What Is Google Ads

Most people doing business online should have heard of Google Ads but may not yet know what Google Ads really is and how much they can do. Why do people with websites of both big brands and SMEs use this tool almost all the time? Check out this article. Ensure that you understand more Google Ads and may want to use it.

What are Google Ads ads?

Google Ads is Google’s advertising platform based on the strength of Google with millions of daily active users. The most popular ad format is Google Search.

Many brands choose to use Google Search because the number of people who use Google to search Thailand per month is over four hundred million people. With an average of 13 million daily users (according to HootSuite Digital Marketing 2021 statistics ), Google transforms into a vast online marketplace. And there is an increased chance that business owners will sell products or services through Google Ads.

Now, we will take you to know the different ad formats of Google Ads, what Google Ads is, what it is, and how it stands out. Let’s try to understand.

Google Ads service

Google Search

“Website advertising service when people search for keywords related to our products.”

As mentioned above, most people will know Google Ads as website advertising when people search for it, which is correct because Google Search advertising will choose to buy keywords related to our products. For searchers to find us first, Drive more leads. In most cases, the keyword you should use is the keyword with the most leads, for example, in this example.

Mr. A made a used car tent. Examples of related keywords are “second hand car,” “second hand car in good condition,” “cheap second hand car,” “second hand car less than a hundred thousand,” etc.

If someone typed in a search term that “Second-hand cars not more than a hundred thousand,” Google will bring our website to show results in the first order to present our products to customers first. Which according to statistics, The website comes in the first place. Will have a higher number of clicks than other sites in the lower ranking.

So, Google Search is a service that puts your website to the top of the Google Page to Maximize your chances of selling. And it is the most crucial ad of all Ads because Google Search is a fundamental Ad that should do first. Because if the foundation is tight, Extension to the other side will be easier than before.

Google Display Network (GDN)

GDN is probably the second most frequently viewed ad format after Search because GDN is a branded ad banner on different websites. That we went to see Where we can choose how our banners will appear on the web About what To meet the target audience as much as if you do business in foreign countries. The website that you should choose to display the banner is. Travel, lifestyle, or various websites Related to what you are doing, etc.

The benefit of doing GDN is to create Brand Awareness because people will see a lot of our banners. Make the audience remember the brand or Key Message that we must communicate. On average, people will see our ads up Google Display Network Ad Specs to a hundred thousand. But the budget is only in the hundreds. Also, it is essential to create GDN ads that are beautiful banners. And communicate directly to the point within one picture To attract viewers to click to visit Or create a picture that is best remembered for the audience.

Youtube Ads

Youtube Ads are another form of GDN’s classified advertising by displaying our Banners on YouTube. Most of the time, this is a banner about the promotion. Because this kind of advertising will create awareness for users easily. There are also some merchandise banners. But not as many as promotions

For Youtube Ads, advertisers can choose where our ads will be shown, such as clips with high views and expected target audience. Youtube Google Ads
We should watch this clip or shoot to the channel that our target audience follows To create a picture to remember our target customers as much as possible.

Mobile App Ads

In addition to Google owning Google Services as a website. Google itself also offers services in the form of an app. By that application Must be in the Google Partner network. Android phones often meet because every app on the Play Store is already counted as a Google Partner and can be enabled for Google ads to show.

The function of Mobile Apps Ads is to bring the banner. I believe many people should have met or video advertising to display while using the application, such as one of the photo editing apps. When finished editing the image, press saves, an advertisement will pop up. That’s it !! Mobile Apps or apps including many beautiful wallpapers and a promotion banner inserted between the images. Or will it be a free game, And if you want more items, click to see ads? This is also Mobile Apps Ads.

 Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads is a new ad format that Google has recently launched in Thailand. This type of ad focuses on showing products with prices from the Search page, which encourages trading faster. Because the buyer will see the product picture and price immediately Without having to press into the website first And when we press on the product, it will bounce to the product page Ready to order immediately

Shopping Ads are suitable for stores with retail merchandise. More importantly, doing this ad doesn’t need to select keywords like Google Search, but Google will collect information on that product page and then process it yourself. People who search for what words should see our products. Because most of the time, the people who search specifically down to the name level Or product model There is always a need to buy as the original capital. Showing products with prices to be seen Will help you make purchasing decisions to be one level faster


Remarketing Is to bring ads to repeatedly show those who have engagement or have some action with our website. But not ready to buy Or have not yet decided to buy that time. For example, I used to search for Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 because it was beautiful. So I wanted to search for information, and when I searched for it, an advertisement from a store popped up, and I pressed it, but I looked at it and didn’t buy it yet. (Because not enough money, sad T_T) So it was closed but when I went to another website…

And then I saw that banner ad everywhere I went. Until finally, after seeing this banner for more than one week, my money has been released. (And going to be blown away), I still see this shop offering the same Remarketing Promotion at a relatively lower price than other stores And looks quite reliable. I finally ordered new shoes. And become his customer in the end. Remarketing is effective.

Remarketing is often used in online marketing because we had the target customer data before and counted as Leads with great value before remarketing. Clicking to see products Or click through any Ads, but if these Target products do not buy. Remarketing will ultimately increase the chances for them to come back and buy from us. Put, advertise, follow Target everywhere and encourage them to know that they will buy from us. “Don’t forget me !!”


I hope this article will help you understand some people who still have questions about Google Ads. In any case, online marketing for people with websites is crucial. Because if planning a little wrong, Your website may grow slowly because no one sees it, Which results in your business’s slow growth.

But if we are planning to do the Online Marketing for the website correctly. Improve the web page to be beautiful, credible, and shoot ads to find the target audience precisely. Ensure that customers do not run away. Sales will increase markedly. And your business will undoubtedly keep growing.