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What is Google My Business

What is Google My Business

Google My Business is a Google service that allows stores or businesses in that area to appear in search pages on both Google Search and Google Map if the user is in the vicinity or search on a popular area. say

   The search results will show details from name, rating, review, opening-closing time, contact number, location, shop address, Website links, comments, and illustrations to make it easier for those searching to decide. Without the need to find additional details on the website

 What are The Benefits of utilizing Google My Business?

   Not just a food shop Or only cafes should use it, but Google My Business is what every business should do, whether it is a recap shop, Beauty clinics, hotels, etc. This is because of the following advantages.

Build credibility with your business. By verifying your identity from Google and rating reviews from other users.

Help individuals discover your business simpler on Google Search and Google Map.

Increase your chances of selling or serving customers.

Can inform Or activities at that time to create attraction

Able to create links to websites. And your business page. 

How to Apply For Google My Business:

Google My Business for Signing up. Just go to Google My Business, press sign in (use Gmail), and fill in your business details. I then verify my identity with Google, which may take some time, and c cannot edit the information during that time. Therefore should check carefully before confirming.

Verification Methods Google My Business :

Google My Business verification method is via email, phone, or via ‘mail’ for verification; Google will send a letter to the address, within the ‘mail,’ there will be a code for us to take that code to fill with. Via Google to verify

What is the ranking on the Google My Business search page, and what are the main factors?

Interaction: Updating Google My Business is the best way to increase your rankings. By responding to customer comments and adding beautiful pictures about the business, And updating promotions or events to your profile on Google My Business.

Relevance of content: What do you have? Is it what users are looking for? Therefore, your Google My Business details must be as clear as possible.

Proximity-Far: User’s location and the location of your store or business close-how far from the user? If there is another store or business nearby, Your rank may go down.

Doing Local SEO for Google My Business is the following!

While filling out your Google My Business information, be sure to include keywords in every piece of information. Whether it is a business name, a shop name, a name of a service, or a product, it makes Google understand and display search results to users more effectively.

Don’t forget to encourage users to leave comments or review your business, including that your own business is persistent in replying to them as well.

Having a good ranking on Google My Business’s Google Map is what gives your business an edge. Creating a web page or improving your website to Local SEO is considered a good thing to do. By inserting Keyword + Location Name into web pages and doing SEO for the web first. Because the better the ranking of the web, the better the rank on the Google Map page.

An example of using Keyword + Location Name assuming that the main keyword is ‘Pa Yang Shop’ and the Location Name of the shop is located at ‘Min Buri.’ When combined, it will be ‘Patchayang Minburi.’

SEO is updated. And it is always improving. Therefore, it is wise to follow up and adjust to meet the SEO requirements every week.


   Getting Google My Business is what will increase your visibility. And the credibility of your business. And when you do it in conjunction with Local SEO, you can be sure that your business will grow sustainably! Therefore, it should not be in a hurry to try and pay attention to every detail. To get the best results in your business!

   If you are looking for a Local SEO Service Provider Spyder, we have an SEO team ready to help you increase the rankings of Google My Business and your website. Contact us today for a free online marketing consultation!