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What is SEO

What is SEO?

What is an algorithm?

How to make SEO rankings?

SEO Benefits

What is SEO?

What is SEO

Customers will receive full knowledge from us And can be used to expand with other keywords”SEO” or “Search Engine Optimization” is a way to optimize a website. In order to get the website to be in the top rankings on Search Result Page (search result page) when filling in the desired Keyword (search term) through Search Engine (search engine) such as Google, Yahoo !, Bing, etc. It is effective in increasing the traffic of your website in the long term.

Since there are currently a lot of people searching through Google, pushing one in many countries, including Thailand, United States, England, India, Japan, etc. Most of them focus on SEO on Google. Each Search Engine has no different principles, that is. Provide information that matches the keyword used for search, this can result in SEO on other Search Engine as well
Example of a search result page of Google.co.th by Keyword the word “UK Tour”

This section is all web page information that the search engine system, such as Google, has collected by using the ranking score. The ratings are based on the rules that each search engine has set up, which is why it is called away to optimize your website to be in the top rankings. On this search results page, it says “SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)” which is part of ” SEM (Search Engine Marketing) ” or Search Engine Marketing for the text above the red frame with the word. It is the auction of keywords that want to show ads. And there will be a fee collected when the click is clicked.

What is a Search Engine Algorithm?

The search result page ranking system is known as an “Algorithm”. Each Search Engine has a different algorithm to rate a website and has a different ranking system. Always updating To filter out bad quality sites and find the results that are most relevant to the user. Therefore, we need to build a quality website according to the algorithm in order for the website to rank best.
There are more than 100 algorithms used to rank a website at Google, but we can summarize the algorithm into two main factors:

  1. Internal factor (On-page / Micro)
    Website customization and in-house content are the most important aspects of ranking SEO, including:

Crawl Ability: The structure of the website that facilitates the collection of Search Engine data.
Site Volume: Number of pages within your website (Index).
Site Theme: Links to content within the website.
Other factors related to user experience (UX) such as
PageSpeed: Website page loading speed.
Mobile friendly: The website is easy to use on mobile devices and supports different screen sizes (Responsive Web Design).

  1. External factors (Off-page / Macro)
    It could be a link that others have made to our website. Or a link that we create on our own, such as going to an article on another website Website registration in the site table of contents Which external factors can be categorized as

Link Popularity: The number of backlinks that are linked to our website.

How to make SEO rankings?

The most successful strategy for SEO is “doing SEO as naturally as possible, with the user in mind” to get a truly quality website. And ranked in a sustainable manner You don’t have to worry too much about updating algorithms, the main ones here are how to do it.

On-page SEO strategies

Targeting and related keywords
. Keywords should be chosen according to the content on the website page. . And look at your search volume and get more ideas with tools like Google Keyword Planner, KWFinder, Ahrefs.
. Keyword should be put in the appropriate areas that are important. .Within the website, such as Title Tag, Meta Description, H1 tag, H2 tag, Plain Text (p tag) content, alt tag in the image.
. You should avoid using a lot of repetitive keywords to avoid keyword spam or keyword stuffing, and it is not natural when users read the content.

Creating and adding quality content to meet users
Should create relevant content to support SEO on the website that you want to rank. As well as other website pages With supporting or related content Ready to make links for further reading
Should create new website pages. This is to increase the number of pages on the website, such as blogs, knowledge, content that should be relevant to the main content theme of the website.
Write content that is in-depth and useful. Ready to meet the needs of those who want to search for keywords to be the content with the highest quality in the eyes of the User.
Content should be written or compiled from various sources by ourselves, not copied elsewhere. And not using automated tools to create articles
Images or videos should be inserted between articles. To add interest to the content, attracting users to read more and stay on the website for a long time.

Improving the website structure to be Search Engine and User friendly
Content or product categories should be divided into a hierarchical system. And make the navigation menu tidy and easy to understand, for example, Home> Product> Category

Always opt for a URL structure that is easily readable by Search Engines. Avoid using dynamic URLs marked with a? And =
Always opt for a user friendly URL structure. Using English words And use a – separator between words such as …. / what-is-SEO /
The URL should be separated if the website has multiple languages such as … / en / … / jp / without using cookies to change the language because the URL will not change accordingly, making Search Engine unable to read other languages.
The website should be loaded quickly so that the user does not have to wait a long time, such as using Cache, reducing image and file size, converting image files to WebP, doing Lazy Loading to load images when scrolling.
You should choose an efficient hosting service. In order to make the website stable and not easily crashed and supported when there is a large number of visitors And make it load faster
Should make the website page compatible with mobile devices (Mobile-friendly), which currently most of the traffic about 80% comes from this channel.

Website update
Should improve or add the text on the website to be ranked. So the content is constantly updated.
Should add new information on the website such as new arrivals, news, promotions, latest work to keep the website fresh.

Off-page SEO strategies

Adding a quality backlink
Links from other websites should be established gradually. By choosing a website that is reliable And contains content or context related to our website or keyword
It is best to avoid creating links with the same articles repeatedly or by spinning them using a program to create new articles that are content that is not known to the user.

Adding a natural backlink
Should be gradually added a backlink to make it look natural Prevent getting banned from Search Engine, especially from Google.
It is best to avoid link building by posting on forums or announcements as it is spam and has the potential to drop in the rankings.

Ranking Guidelines
After starting SEO for a while Will start to see the improvement of the rank in a better way That change depends on the content and quality of our website. Including competition in that keyword and the quality of the competitor’s website

Generally speaking, the rank will climb up gradually. If the ranking of the website has not improved until satisfactory Need to increase the content within the website and increase the number of quality backlinks.
When a website is stuck on the first page of search results Still needs to update the website Add content and add backlinks regularly to maintain a strong ranking.

Social Media Signals
The number of Likes and Shares of a website links from various social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest contributes to the ranking of the website.

SEO Benefits

Increase the number of website visitors
Nowadays, there are more and more people searching for information through Search Engines. If the website is ranked with a large number of keywords used by users There is a chance that there will be a lot of visitors to the website as well. In addition, when there are any keywords that rank for similar keywords, they will also be ranked. Therefore, there will be more traffic from other keywords that have not opted for SEO as well.

SEO involves getting a website to be discovered with a very specific keyword. People who visit the website via Search Engines are likely to be interested in that keyword, and therefore have a higher chance of buying products or using services from the websites visited. In addition, The more traffic to the website Has the opportunity to sell more products or services as well

Promote the website to be known and increase the credibility.
Most of the time, when people search through Search Engine, they will only view the website on the first page or the next page in the search results. Our website appears on the first page and especially at the top. It will make the website’s name visible through the eyes and know. Even if you haven’t clicked into the site’s content yet.

Reduce the cost of advertising.
Since doing SEO, it takes some time for the website to be ranked on the first page. Therefore suitable for long term marketing And because clicking on a website in terms of SEO will not incur the same expenses as direct advertising with Search Engine, thus reducing the burden on this part and the price is quite cheaper than advertising with other media. However, if choosing to do SEO with the most popular and popular keywords. Costs can be high as well. Because there is high competition, so when choosing a keyword, it should be considered appropriate for the marketing purpose and the cost of investment.

Getting started with an expert SEO

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Our SEO services
At DGSOL, we provide SEO services that will help you analyze and present the correct structure and content of the website. To make the website ranked better, including SEO services that guarantee the first page rank of Search Engine such as Go