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Marketing on Tiktok

Marketing on Tiktok

Hello, Readers. During the past work from home, most people have stayed at home. Did not go out Having more free time than usual Many people turn to make short video clips for enjoyment. Until the application “TikTok” has become a popular trend around the world online. But did you know that TikTok is not just a social media That are intended for fun only But also can be used to promote a business effectively?

TikTok is an application that was launched in China in 2016 under the operation of ByteDance, a service to share short video clips with friends online. With special effects Both video and audio for users to edit. You can decorate the clip as needed. With this fun Make it highly popular within a short time. This is especially true for Gen Y (23-40 years old) and Gen Z (younger 23), according to the Influencer Marketing Hub website, suggesting that TikTok currently has around 500 million users worldwide. And can support up to 75 languages

As it is highly popular with Gen Y and Gen Z, businesses are turning to it as a means of reaching their customers. This is a new marketing strategy that should not be overlooked by using TikTok to help marketing the following techniques. First, the content must be short, concise, fun, and attract attention within a short time. Because a video clip in TikTok only has a duration of 15-60 seconds

The second technique is to use hashtags to make our brand more famous.

By every time you write a topic Or subtitle clip Don’t forget to include hashtags. Marketing on Tiktok It will increase the chances of people seeing and making our clips more widely known, for example, using hashtags. Dettol’s #HandWashChallenge, featuring the right-hand washing with

In addition to the four simple steps by this campaign, in addition to knowing the correct handwashing methods to prevent COVID-19 infection, it also helps to build brand awareness among consumers. with

Another popular technique used by many brands is influencers to create brand awareness in order to allow products and brands to reach their target customers, and lastly, the purchase of ads. In the news feed of target users

  • 2.brand takeover, a static ad, or a silent clip that can be displayed immediately when the user opens the app.
  • 3.top view video advertisements will be displayed as soon as the user opens the app.
  • 4.branded hashtag challenge Advertising in the form of a campaign inviting you to participate in activities to win prizes.
  • 5. branded effect. Branded effect ads where brands can create special effects using filters to help promote colorful campaigns. More interesting

Entrepreneurs interested in new platforms to promote their products online Marketing on TikTok is another option for generating sales and increasing the opportunities for your brand to be widely known.